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Cancerous Tumor

It appears that the Iranian government believes that it is duty-bound to eliminate all threats to Islam, with Israel and America being those primary threats. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet too many will be shocked and found spiritually, mentally, and physically unprepared… Read More

Occupy Super Bowl

Would Occupy Indianapolis choose to set up camp in close proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium before the Giants take the field against the Patriots? Certainly, the “One Percent” will be in town in considerable numbers to enjoy all the game has to offer… Read More

Silver Bullet

Certainly, the 2012 Presidential election which is still nearly 10 months away can’t be the most crucial and critical news that the television talking faces need to commit nearly constant reportage to. It is likely that the Republican nominee has already been selected, and there is the strong possibility that a false flag event will postpone the November election and keep Barry Soetoro in office. Read More

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