Tag: Psalm 83

Madonna, Not War

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being begged to hold off on any attacks on Iran until after May 29. This particular beseeching is not coming from Barack Obama, but from an Israeli group called “Bibi don’t start a war with Iran until after Madonna’s show on May 29″… Read More

Cancerous Tumor

It appears that the Iranian government believes that it is duty-bound to eliminate all threats to Islam, with Israel and America being those primary threats. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet too many will be shocked and found spiritually, mentally, and physically unprepared… Read More

The Mall Santa – a Wayfarers side-story

He’d been sitting on his red and green velvet-upholstered chair for all of three minutes when one of the hyper, undisciplined brats spilled Mountain Dew in his snowy-white beard; and it’s a real beard and not part of the costume! Read More

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