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Occupy Super Bowl

Would Occupy Indianapolis choose to set up camp in close proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium before the Giants take the field against the Patriots? Certainly, the “One Percent” will be in town in considerable numbers to enjoy all the game has to offer… Read More

The Thrill of Disobedience

Once this rioting is captured by the lenses and microphones of the mainstream media, internet news, and bloggers – it will become a wildfire. It is then that those who may not yet be struggling – the same type of coddled kids who take part in Occupy – will jump in because this type of destructive acting-out would be “fun.” Read More

Occupy All Streets

Does Occupy Wall Street know what it is that they are protesting, or are they merely naive’, idealistic, recycled hippies and second and third generation flower children? Does the Obama administration have more than just a passing interest in this group and its success? Read More

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