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Damascus a Ruinous Heap?

Considering the level of tension in 2012 between Israel, Iran, and Syria, Damascus could be taken out by Israel in self-defense, in response to the use of WMD by Hamas or Hezbollah, or due to war with Iran and/or Syria. Read More

It’s Getting Syria-ous

We have been jaded and desensitized by poor prognostication, false prophets, and the sensationalized forecasts of gloom and doom…but know that now in January 2012 it truly is getting serious. Read More

Be watching for the coming storm, the wind is intensifying.

Salt and Preppers

A stockpile of canned goods, bottled water, MRE, matches, Sterno, batteries, battery-powered radio, a rifle and ammunition, and warm clothes may be too much for many Americans to afford in January 2012… Read More

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