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Doomsday Preppers – Are We Fully Prepared?

Even if there are chemical, biological, or structural hazards on the streets, desperate and enraged groups and individuals will still be out there wreaking havoc; forcing the more law-abiding to remain inside for safety – hence the need to be stocked-up, hunkered-down, and fortified. Read More

The New Terrorists

As to what the definition of a “terrorist” has apparently broadened into includes anyone who seeks to know the truth. It would include anyone who can see the bigger world picture through the caliginous haze that the powers that be use to obfuscate their plans for the New World Order, which will be the One World Government, Economy, and Religion, ruled by the Anti-Christ after he strips the powers that be of their power. Read More

The Thrill of Disobedience

Once this rioting is captured by the lenses and microphones of the mainstream media, internet news, and bloggers – it will become a wildfire. It is then that those who may not yet be struggling – the same type of coddled kids who take part in Occupy – will jump in because this type of destructive acting-out would be “fun.” Read More

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