Blood, Lightning, Artificial Intelligence, Reconstruction. HOME: A Wayfarers Story in Kindle and print.

Hearts, Love, and Artificial Intelligence

What follows is the back cover description of HOME: A Wayfarers Story. It’s my new fiction book release due in mid January, 2019.

It’s the end times, and yet the beat of the heart is the still the enabler of human life. The mind is reliant on that beat, but the spirit is the guider of thought. And as so much of America has rejected the promptings of the Holy Spirit, is there any goodness left in its heart and mind?

Years after suffering a peculiar Traumatic Brain Injury, musician Jack Eaton finds himself on yet another perilous journey. His spirit guides him as he sets out on the narrow path at a time when America as most have known it has ceased to exist. While his thoughts are clear and concise and his body strong, there is still residual head pain that plagues him, and dreams, visions, and the promptings of the Holy Spirit that drive him.

Jack has seen two failed marriages, and yet in his heart there is unfinished business. It’s that longing that draws him out of relative safety and into a Godless landscape of artificial intelligence, military rule, economic collapse, perversion, idol worship, and war. Can Jack find real love in a time of abject chaos and hate? Will there be a total healing of his physical pain? America has broken down, but will God use Jack as a force to hold lives together as he longs to get home?

HOME: A Wayfarers Story available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback

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