‘Spirit: A Wayfarers Story’ Book Trailer

Spirit: A Wayfarers Story is a must read that pushes the envelope. When a former hacker for the U.S. Government becomes an unwitting mailman, will he be the last of his kind? He’s an app-not, and going without the vaccine and ALI chip makes him an outlaw in the expanding Beast system. As he’s tracked Read More

Is he the very last mailman?

‘Spirit: A Wayfarers Story’ Delivers!

Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, a vaccine for the virus, and a defunct U.S. Postal Service? ‘Spirit: A Wayfarers Story’ is fiction, or is it? Read it! Read More

Edgy Christian Tale That’ll Make You Think

An edgy, End Times Christian suspense thriller that will make you think… Watch the book trailer for ‘MERCY: A Wayfarers Story’ Read More

MERCY: an End Times Must Read Kindle Book

Blood, lightning, Artificial Intelligence, and reconstruction. Powers, principalities, and rulers of dark places. MERCY: A Wayfarers Story is fiction, or is it? Read More

Who or what is the man of four colors? Read MERCY: A WAYFARERS STORY in Kindle or print.

Kol – Chapter 1 MERCY: A Wayfarers Story

A drummer who’s lost his will to live. An old-time pastor who sounds like Al Gore when he speaks. A lost book of bible prophecy that came after Revelation? Read More

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