The Destroyer – Know Your Enemy

Have you met the Destroyer?

A flash of happiness and a sign of hope; something to cling to but then it is broken. Yes, the joy comes after much struggle but it is broken down in a matter of seconds at the supernatural hands of the Destroyer.

Pentagram symbol is in essence the corporate logo of Satan - who is the Destroyer.


He is the purveyor of depression, distress, and hopelessness. He confuses and befuddles and causes mistakes to be made which lead to abject poverty. He teases and taunts and shortens fuses. He’ll whisper in your ear “you were born to suffer because it’s God’s will for you” and he can make you believe it.

He breaks the tools that you use to build a better quality of life. He interferes with careers and inspires failure. He loves sorrow and manipulates hearts and circumstances to create it. He turns husband and wife against each other. He whispers into the ears of children and turns them against their parents while his sweet nothings tempt the young to dive into his septic tank disguised as a Cancun beach.

The bill collectors follow him because they love money, power, and the material things of this world. He hands out your phone number to those who would collect and inspires them to call night and day. Indeed, he is the joy robber and the thief of your peace and quiet. He is the Destroyer.

Have you met the Destroyer? The Wayfarers have encountered several of his many incarnations and they are moving fast to keep their distance…

You can’t speak him out of existence, but when you believe that you can, that’s when he’s in control! The Destroyer is a liar! He is the Baron of Deception and the Captain of Chaos. Go ahead; try to speak him out of existence and he’ll choke you into spiritual death.

The Destroyer has promised the world to those who will follow, and for those sycophants he has delivered. He breaks the material worlds of those who defy him; those who choose to walk in the Way. He takes from the wayfarers and gives to those who have been beguiled by the street lights of his dark cities lined with cabarets where grinning pole dancers die slow, carnal death.

The Destroyer has wreaked havoc in the life of one particular wayfarer; but in that breaking he has gone through the rigorous training of Storm Trooper Boot Camp. No, life for the wayfarers will never be the same as it ever was; no matter what David Byrne and the Talking Heads may have sung.

Let the tears flow. Don’t be afraid to cry, as it will purify. My friends, the Destroyer may be damaging your life today but it is for only a season. We must all be broken in order to be rebuilt into the image of Christ. I know it hurts and I can relate to your sadness. But, you will walk the streets of gold that begin humbly on a rustic path. Humble beginnings lead to crowns of royalty; but won’t we graciously return them to He who will reward us?

Respect the power of the Destroyer, but know his days are numbered. You cannot defeat him, but you will not belong to him. This is his world, but it is temporal. The King of Kings will bind the Destroyer in his own chains, and surely, it won’t be long now until we are free.

…Walk with your heads held high my wayfaring friends. You were bought with blood that the Destroyer cannot taint.

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