“Dead Ringer” – Wizard of Oz and Elvis?

December 14, 2012 in Books

Elvis Presley - the King of Rock and Roll - singing in 1968.

An Elvis Presley connection to End Times fiction?

Prior to this, I haven’t posted a blog since early November. It’s not that I’ve had writer’s block, but instead I have been busy writing…

This writer is at work on a new fiction novel titled “Dead-Ringer.” Based on the story line and time frame of events, it could be said that Dead Ringer is a tie-in to the Wayfarers trilogy, but is not a Wayfarers book, as that series is complete.

You the reader of this bog installment may be asking “why would ‘Dead Ringer’, an End Times fiction story taking place in a contemporary time, have some sort of reference to Elvis Presley?”

Ah, that is a good question indeed, but I cannot elaborate on an answer just now! Does Elvis come back from the dead? Well, you know that’s impossible! You may ask, “does Jesus come back in the form of Elvis?” Indeed, that is heretical and no, that does not happen!

As of mid December I would consider myself to be halfway done with the writing of the story. There are some truly interesting and intriguing characters that have been a joy for me to create. The backdrop of the story is Chittenango, New York. The rustic Madison County village is most known for being the birthplace of author L. Frank Baum, who penned the fiction series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that resulted in the beautifully timeless 1938 film that won two Oscars. Combine the Wizard of Oz connection with the Elvis Presley reference – no matter how great or small that may be – and hopefully your interest has become peaked.

Dead Ringer is a twisting, turning, action and adventure tale that leads seamlessly into the Wayfarers trilogy, and yet it will stand on its own merits. This writing of this book is quite a workout for me in the literary sense, and prayerfully it will be a joy and inspiration for you to read.

Thanks and God bless you – Jim Yackel

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No Place Like Home

December 25, 2011 in General

The physical structure in which we reside is by itself not a home. Certainly, the family that lives with us goes a great deal toward making it “home”; but by themselves spouses and children are only part of the equation – albeit a very large part indeed.

Emerald City in the Land of Oz

Emerald City in the Land of Oz

In the Wizard of Oz, the desire to return home to her Kansas farm house to re-join Uncle Charlie and Auntie Em drove Dorothy Gale – played by Judy Garland in the 1939 film adaptation directed by Victor Fleming – to journey as a wayfarer down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City to meet the “wonderful” Wizard; accompanied by the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Was it a hellacious twister and subsequent bump on the head that caused Dorothy to dream that she and her house landed in the mystical land of munchkins, wicked witches, and flying monkeys – or did the hair-raising flight truly take place while she was in a state of unconsciousness?

That Kansas farm house was a dream home to Dorothy; and I too have lived in and lost a dream home that was similiar – only to realize far too late after having to leave that it was a wonderful house and home indeed. But, this writer did not visit the Land of Oz or anything remotely close to it. It was a rigorous journey undertaken by this writer after having to leave that “dream home” that was the inspiration for The Wayfarers trilogy and the characters that came to life on its pages. While The Wayfarers characters did not skip and sing a jaunty tune while pacing off the miles along the road immortalized in the L. Frank Baum story – it could be said that those who journeyed traveled a path that was remarkably similar; though in a more perilous and modern time.

The houses that we live in on earth are temporal and prone to decay and disrepair. No matter how dreamy these residences may be, they don’t last forever nor will the mortal human bodies that exist inside of them. We are well-advised to love the children that grow up inside of our houses and care for them as the precious jewels that they are. Time passes far too quickly and sometimes without notice an unexpected and unplanned journey can change all plans and radically modify all goals. Comfort, security, and safety can be lost on short or no notice; and in a moment we can be staggering along an uncharted course without a material compass. Love your children and don’t ever break the ties that bind you with them…

As the song says: Oh, there is no place like home; my mansion is in Heaven. Jesus, He will get me home – oh, there is no place like home.

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The Riches of Pennies

November 19, 2011 in General

Is the weight of the world in your backpack?

You too are carrying one...yes, you!

If I had a penny for all of my thoughts, I wouldn’t have to sell books. No, I’d be wealthy enough to just give them away! But, as the case may be for fiction in this non-fictional world…

There’s Harry Potter and Twilight. Indeed, there is Left Behind and the Dark Tower Series. We all remember the Wizard of Oz books written by L. Frank Baum and the film version remains as one of my all-time favorites.

And then there is The Wayfarers trilogy; the third and final book to be released on 12/1/11…

It is The Wayfarers that changed this writer’s daily thought process. It is The Wayfarers that made my music seem very unimportant, as no one listens to or purchases it anyway. Indeed, it is the Wayfarers that made this scribe endeavor to reach into the world of books and not just the inspirational columns, “Storm Warnings”, and opinion pieces that had been my literary outlet up until January of 2010. It is The Wayfarers that took me on a journey alongside the characters contained therein; and how I would love to know them (well, some of them) in the non-fictional, natural world!

If you have read Left Behind, the Wizard of Oz, Twilight, Harry Potter, the Dark Tower series, or Pilgrim’s Progress – you may find something that suits your fancy in this Wayfarers trilogy that is quick to read but exceedingly hard to forget. There are readers that have mentioned through private communication that this series is “life-changing” – and I greatly appreciate that sentiment but for you personally it is after all a personal decision.

So, I keep thinking about these books and earning my pennies for those thoughts. And I am indeed grateful that through these words you heard me out!

God bless you,