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Logo of North Madison Militia from 'Dead-Ringer' - the suspense fiction book by author Jim Yackel

Dear Seekers of the Truth

Dear seekers of the truth in 2013,

My name is Galen Moss, co-founder of the North Madison Militia. I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I did something that most would consider to be heroic – except those high-up in the U.S. Government. What I did was a defiance of direct orders, whereby altering their perceived timeline. What I did was reported as breaking news a few years later and the credit was given to others. But no, I’m not bitter anymore because I’m free…

If you’re still reading this then at the very least you’re curious and optimally you are a seeker of the truth.

North Madison Militia from the novel 'Dead-Ringer' by Jim Yackel. Image (c) 2013

North Madison Militia logo

Don’t trust the government. Indeed, it sounds like a hackneyed cliche’ and it is; but most importantly it is T-R-U-T-H truth! But what I have learned is that the ultimate truth is simple, pure, and it saves.

Friends, you need to shift out of the Left-Right paradigm because it is fog that will impair your ability to see the truth on the road ahead. Politicians on both sides are self-serving dogs that ultimately answer to the Pavlovian society known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati does Satan’s bidding and manipulates world events because they believe that a one world economy will ultimately bring those who are its members even greater wealth. As you read this, they are constructing a singular religion, government, and yes, a singular financial system that eliminates the U.S. Dollar. Unless you have your head up your ass – and most in your current culture and society do – you’ve heard of the New World Order and the One World Government. They are one in the same and at the time of this writing America is on burrowed time. You, dear friends, truly don’t have much time left! You see, America is the lone superpower and for the “one world corporation” to be fully implemented, the aforementioned “lone superpower” needs to be collapsed out its position of superiority.

The powers that be will continue through DARPA to modify the weather with the use of H.A.A.R.P. They will allow terrorists to strike. They will collapse the Dollar and create massive civil unrest and rioting. Indeed, the powers that be will come for your guns and implement Martial Law.

Then, there will be no superpowers in the one world system – except for the supernaturally-empowered man who will run it. The current powers will soon find that they have been duped and truly have no power at all!

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, I had a secret that what remains of the visible U.S. Government wanted me to keep quiet. But, there are multitudes of secrets and those who tell them usually wind up dead. Could Michael Hastings be an example? Will Edward Snowden be next, or is he a carefully-crafted distraction manipulated by the powers that hide in the shadows?

I guess that I should be flattered that I’ve been made a fictional character in a novel titled Dead-Ringer by author Jim Yackel. You know, he ought to be careful too!

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A Good Night’s Sleep

You’re feeling chilled, neglected, frightened, defaced, defamed, rundown, and tired. The journey has been long and at times arduous as you’ve carried your backpack and walked the snow-covered path for miles that you’ve lost count of.

Starry sky, good night's sleep, peace and rest.

Starry sky, good night's sleep, peace and rest.

The small battery powered radio that you’ve been carrying has been supplying news and information; some of it from a pirate radio station broadcasting from a secret, undisclosed location. You’ve no doubt that the voice broadcasting over the pirated frequency is more credible than the professionals that are carried with FCC approval. The voice on the pirated station is telling it like it is with no spin or pressure to provide content that would be approved by the stockholders and advertisers. The “voice” may get discovered soon; but instead of being contracted to a syndicated nationwide show on Premiere Radio Networks or SiriusXM he’ll likely be arrested; as “they” – you know, “the powers that be” – took over all manner of legal communication today. You pray silently for protection for the pirate voice and that his broadcast will be found by more information seekers as the cold, clear, starry night wears on; a night that is bringing the curtains down on a most cataclysmic day.

On this length of snow-covered path you see the footprints of those who have passed through earlier. You’d like to be with that group of five or six; you can only guess the number when the moon illuminates the snow enough for you to take a cursory inventory of prints. You’re alone and Lonelyville is the last place you desire to be. After a day like today, no one would want to walk alone. Today the world changed; the things that the experts and analysts warned would happen did so and are currently doing so tonight as you walk and the voice broadcasts with smoldering passion and speaks with honest conviction as someone with some manner of inside information. Thank God for that pirate voice!

You read a story about a night like this where there was a group of travelers running from and going to; but you never imagined that you’d live out a similar tale. Indeed, the fiction became faction and somehow you knew that eventually it would; as we’re all living with a time-bomb in our pockets.

You are the one that the writer left out of the story. You are the one that was saved for an aside. It could be said that you were assigned to the inactive list. It was your scenes – your great performances – that were left on the literary cutting room floor.

You are on the lamb and avoiding a scam, just like those up ahead of you. You’re alone, you’re the flight-risk that flew and now the long arm of the scofflaw is after you. You might die tonight but whether you live or die you are headed home…

…The question is: will tonight bring eternal rest or just a good night’s sleep?

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