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Tornado Storm Swarm

The title of this blog may reek of a grade B sci-fi film, but it is a terrible reality for those in a stretch of the United States from Alabama to Indiana.

As Friday night’s clouds gave way to daylight on Saturday 03/03/2012, rescue crews frantically searched for survivors after a chain of destructive storms obliterated entire towns and killed dozens of people throughout the Midwest and South. At a time when any good news is a rarity, a 2-year-old girl was found alive, alone and critically injured in a field in Salem, Indiana, about 20 miles south of Henrysville.

Destruction from tornado in Henrysville, IN, March 2012

Death toll of 31 could rise higher as Tornadoes ravage Southern and Midwestern U.S. on 3/2 and 3/3/2012

At least 31 people have been killed in an outbreak of tornadoes that would be considered unusual for this time of year. Saturday began with large swaths of the South still battered by heavy rain and under tornado watches and warnings. As of this writing, there is legitimate fear that the death toll will rise.

“Furious” and “devastating” would not be suitably apt descriptions for these catastrophic storms. Of the 31 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky, 3 in Ohio and 1 in Alabama.

John Gordon, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, described the weather as “crazy.”

If you are reading this, you likely live somewhere away from the impacted area of the United States. But, as of Saturday morning this onslaught of vicious weather has not yet ended, so if you are within the impacted area you should have a dedicated AC/DC NOAA Weather Radio receiver to alert you to hazards in your area.

Be careful and be prayerful. We should all make time today to pray for those affected by these horrific storms; that there will be miraculous rescues and physical recovery. The Lord is our light and our salvation, so who or what should we fear?

Let’s pray for safety for the EMS, fire, police, and National Guard units that are without trepidation forging into these areas that are in a sense war zones. Let’s pray for families to be restored, tears to be dried, and injuries to be healed. Indeed, there is no way to describe this complete and utter devastation; so in that we must pray.

When hellacious storms like these blast through our lives we are reminded just how small we are. As lighting flashes and the twisting maelstrom rages, it is then that we are reminded how much we need to cling to our rock, fortress, and strong tower – the 3 in 1 strength of our mighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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