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Dear Seekers of the Truth

Dear seekers of the truth in 2013,

My name is Galen Moss, co-founder of the North Madison Militia. I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I did something that most would consider to be heroic – except those high-up in the U.S. Government. What I did was a defiance of direct orders, whereby altering their perceived timeline. What I did was reported as breaking news a few years later and the credit was given to others. But no, I’m not bitter anymore because I’m free…

If you’re still reading this then at the very least you’re curious and optimally you are a seeker of the truth.

North Madison Militia from the novel 'Dead-Ringer' by Jim Yackel. Image (c) 2013

North Madison Militia logo

Don’t trust the government. Indeed, it sounds like a hackneyed cliche’ and it is; but most importantly it is T-R-U-T-H truth! But what I have learned is that the ultimate truth is simple, pure, and it saves.

Friends, you need to shift out of the Left-Right paradigm because it is fog that will impair your ability to see the truth on the road ahead. Politicians on both sides are self-serving dogs that ultimately answer to the Pavlovian society known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati does Satan’s bidding and manipulates world events because they believe that a one world economy will ultimately bring those who are its members even greater wealth. As you read this, they are constructing a singular religion, government, and yes, a singular financial system that eliminates the U.S. Dollar. Unless you have your head up your ass – and most in your current culture and society do – you’ve heard of the New World Order and the One World Government. They are one in the same and at the time of this writing America is on burrowed time. You, dear friends, truly don’t have much time left! You see, America is the lone superpower and for the “one world corporation” to be fully implemented, the aforementioned “lone superpower” needs to be collapsed out its position of superiority.

The powers that be will continue through DARPA to modify the weather with the use of H.A.A.R.P. They will allow terrorists to strike. They will collapse the Dollar and create massive civil unrest and rioting. Indeed, the powers that be will come for your guns and implement Martial Law.

Then, there will be no superpowers in the one world system – except for the supernaturally-empowered man who will run it. The current powers will soon find that they have been duped and truly have no power at all!

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, I had a secret that what remains of the visible U.S. Government wanted me to keep quiet. But, there are multitudes of secrets and those who tell them usually wind up dead. Could Michael Hastings be an example? Will Edward Snowden be next, or is he a carefully-crafted distraction manipulated by the powers that hide in the shadows?

I guess that I should be flattered that I’ve been made a fictional character in a novel titled Dead-Ringer by author Jim Yackel. You know, he ought to be careful too!

Read more about me…

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The Lone Superpower

Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) – Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid Thursday for the Republican presidential nomination, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

via FIRST ON CNN: Sources: Perry dropping out of GOP race – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Herman Cain is gone. Michele Bachmann has likewise dropped out. Jon Huntsman has left the proverbial building. Now, Texas Governor Rick Perry is bidding adieu to the 2012 Presidential race, following the lead of the aforementioned Cain, Bachmann, and Huntsman and exiting the Green Room where the GOP candidates each wait for their own shot to take the stage and face the Kenyan King under the heat of the television cameras in seemingly life or death debate.

Ron Paul is still standing, supported and buoyed by a ravenous cult of followers who are seeking “hope” and “change” in a different but equally radical way. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been allowed to persevere thus far and continue to show signs of life despite being bruised and bloodied by the mainstream media and members of their own party. But after all is said and done, it will likely be Mitt Romney who steps into the ring against the “one” – the anointed false messiah and proud Alinsky-ite Barack Obama.

Romney would appear to be the establishment’s choice. In that role, Romney looks and sounds presidential; a classic, rugged veneer to gloss over the stuffing that will fill the suit. Romney would meet everyone in the middle and all would be pacified and satisfied. But, what we will likely see come November 2012 is not Romney versus Obama but The Establishment versus The Powers That Be – not to be confused with the NBC television series that aired in 1992 and ’93.

This writer plans to vote in the 2012 election, but it is all a charade and a masquerade. I have watched American citizens turn away from the political process, and the patriot in me could not accept it and accused them of being unpatriotic and apathetic. As time goes on, I see that perhaps it’s more than a decline of a superpower’s citizenry; it is a sense of futility that invades the mind and spirit and draws many into their own selfish pursuits because the nation and the world has broken their hearts and quashed the aforementioned spirit. Within themselves they believe they can manipulate and control their immediate surroundings and find a modicum of joy, because outside of their personal spaces there is nothing but pain, heartbreak, deflated American dreams and broken promises of a better world.

This world is on a collision course for radical change; and like an approaching blizzard it is snowing steadily now as the gale-force winds are increasing as they blow in from the Supernatural. It is a storm system that has been forming for centuries but it doesn’t take a meteorologist to see the immediate and colossal uptick in intensity.

Sure, it sounds like a crackpot conspiracy theory, but The Powers That Be are they who control the banks, stock markets, IMF and Federal Reserve. Wittingly or not, by destroying economies for their own selfish gain they are paving the way today for the rise of the Son of Perdition who will run the One World System.

Presidents wield much power, but aren’t they merely kings in a nebulous chess game being maneuvered by unseen hands? We must remember to look beyond the game board and its players and toward the true hope…

… Because there is but one Superpower, and His name is Jesus.

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Jersey Shore, Miss America, and Mitt Romney

Jersey Shore, Miss America, Mitt Romney; three big names and exceedingly popular topics. Jersey Shore is of course the immensely popular reality television series that is considered a “cultural phenomenon” and is the all-time most viewed series telecast on MTV. (You remember; Music Television).

Miss America Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Miss America Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Newly-crowned 2012 Miss America Laura Kaeppeler would not let her father’s jail time for mail fraud be a deterrent to her pursuit of the crown, but instead stated that she desired children of incarcerated adults to feel less alone, to have mentoring, and to have as much of a relationship with their parents as possible.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is seemingly the choice of the establishment; although he is not thus far the clear front-runner to be the party’s nominee for the 2012 Presidential election. The powers that be will likely exercise all manner of influence and heavy-handedness to keep Barack Hussein Barry Obama Soetoro in the office of the Presidency, as he has put forth a superb effort to undermine the U.S. economy and to neuter the world’s most powerful military; so as to erase America’s superpower status and make way for the one world system. Where the coming one world system is concerned; it will not be run by Barack Obama. While we do not know today who the Anti-Christ is or will be, we can be fairly confidant that it is not Barack Obama!

While America remains stimulated by television programs such as Jersey Shore and conversely pacified by pageantry such as Miss America; while FOX, CNN, and MSNBC continue to offer wall to wall coverage of a presidential election that may already be decided – the world has crossed the Rubicon and is perched on the precipice of peril. To be clear, there is no attempt here by this writer to encourage disengagement from the political process; as I have always been engaged in it. And certainly, I am in no position to tell grown-ups what they can or can’t watch on television. But, too many are not paying attention to the rest of the world. The safe America shores have suffered considerable erosion; enough so that what happens in the rest of the world has a profound effect on what happens in the land of the free.

I continue to bang the drum: watch Israel, who is the prophetic timepiece and the apple of God’s eye. Watch Iran primarily and the rest of the Middle East secondarily. Watch China and Russia. While the internet has yet to suffer the implementation of SOPA legislation – look for news there, because you’ll get flickering images and talking faces on television – but the reportage may be sorely lacking as the selection cum election is seemingly the only news.

We must all be watchers at the wall…

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Free Internet

SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) is a colossal, glittering jewel of flawed legislation that would greatly hamper our freedom of expression and communication on the internet. But, it could be that lawmakers are starting to hear the disjointed, cacophonous roaring of “we the people” over the rumble of the money machines run by the movie and recording industries and the clinking of the keys hung on the rings those industries’ metaphorical jail guards?

How long will the internet be free?

How long will the internet be free?

Ultimately, cyberspace itself will end up under the deceptive auspices of corporate kings and princes that seek consolidation and control in the burgeoning One World System that is soon to rule the people of planet Earth. SOPA may end up losing some teeth before biting into the meat of our internet freedom, but for how long will the internet remain free? And when this writer uses the adjective “free” it does not pertain to the fee the customer pays to his or her ISP.

The internet is an expressway to freedom. The World Wide Web allows fast and nearly effortless access to video, music, news, opinion, fact, fiction, truth, and lies. The free world can gain instant access to banking information and can shop from the privacy of its own personal space, without having to deal with live-in-the-flesh human beings in shopping malls and behind the wheels of motor vehicles.

With the freedom that the internet provides marvelous things can be done, like the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Contrarily, that very freedom allows for the satisfaction of sexual sin through pornography. And, if one is criminally-oriented, he or she can commit financial fraud and identity theft through phishing.

We can be whoever we want to be on the internet; as that very freedom allows us to blur the lines that separate fact from fiction. The internet allows us to hide behind user I.D. and passwords and enables us to write or say whatever good or evil thing we like, as there is a near zero chance that we will ever be caught up with and held accountable in the physical realm. Indeed, the internet gives us the freedom to be the ultimate best or most vial worst that we can be.

The internet provides a world-wide platform for us to speak out against injustice; whether that aforementioned injustice is legitimate or merely idealistic. In summary, the internet allows for information to flow as fast as greased lightening, and the The Powers That Be in this rapidly-developing One World System will not allow information and materials that are antithetical to their corporate machinations to flow unimpeded – if not blockaded – for long.

Yes, SOPA is just another of the efforts to curtail freedom in the names of “privacy” and “security” as the Fairness Doctrine attempted to bring “fairness” and “equal time” to radio and television.

After all is said and done, there is an attempt to eliminate the liberty of the many in an effort to consolidate the power to a few and from that few to merely one. This consolidation through elimination will happen despite the outcome of the 2012 election. When we come to grips with the fact that we can’t stave off the consolidation and loss of freedom, we can then prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for the fruition of the coming change; knowing that with faith in the Blessed Hope we won’t be here to see its full fruition.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

You’re feeling chilled, neglected, frightened, defaced, defamed, rundown, and tired. The journey has been long and at times arduous as you’ve carried your backpack and walked the snow-covered path for miles that you’ve lost count of.

Starry sky, good night's sleep, peace and rest.

Starry sky, good night's sleep, peace and rest.

The small battery powered radio that you’ve been carrying has been supplying news and information; some of it from a pirate radio station broadcasting from a secret, undisclosed location. You’ve no doubt that the voice broadcasting over the pirated frequency is more credible than the professionals that are carried with FCC approval. The voice on the pirated station is telling it like it is with no spin or pressure to provide content that would be approved by the stockholders and advertisers. The “voice” may get discovered soon; but instead of being contracted to a syndicated nationwide show on Premiere Radio Networks or SiriusXM he’ll likely be arrested; as “they” – you know, “the powers that be” – took over all manner of legal communication today. You pray silently for protection for the pirate voice and that his broadcast will be found by more information seekers as the cold, clear, starry night wears on; a night that is bringing the curtains down on a most cataclysmic day.

On this length of snow-covered path you see the footprints of those who have passed through earlier. You’d like to be with that group of five or six; you can only guess the number when the moon illuminates the snow enough for you to take a cursory inventory of prints. You’re alone and Lonelyville is the last place you desire to be. After a day like today, no one would want to walk alone. Today the world changed; the things that the experts and analysts warned would happen did so and are currently doing so tonight as you walk and the voice broadcasts with smoldering passion and speaks with honest conviction as someone with some manner of inside information. Thank God for that pirate voice!

You read a story about a night like this where there was a group of travelers running from and going to; but you never imagined that you’d live out a similar tale. Indeed, the fiction became faction and somehow you knew that eventually it would; as we’re all living with a time-bomb in our pockets.

You are the one that the writer left out of the story. You are the one that was saved for an aside. It could be said that you were assigned to the inactive list. It was your scenes – your great performances – that were left on the literary cutting room floor.

You are on the lamb and avoiding a scam, just like those up ahead of you. You’re alone, you’re the flight-risk that flew and now the long arm of the scofflaw is after you. You might die tonight but whether you live or die you are headed home…

…The question is: will tonight bring eternal rest or just a good night’s sleep?

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