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H.R. 3523: CISPA Worse Than SOPA?

Is this yet another manifestation of the growing Government-Corporate complex? To quote an article posted on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website:

Too much online freedom?

CISPA Worse Than SOPA?

H.R. 3523, also known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011, would let companies spy on users and share private information with the federal government and other companies with near-total immunity from civil and criminal liability. It effectively creates a “cybersecurity” exemption to all existing laws.

On the surface, this bill has the look of something more nefarious than the ill-fated SOPA. If a company can make the claim that information collected from internet users is in the interest of “cybersecurity”; there are virtually no restrictions on what can be collected and how it can be used. Simply stated, your comrades such as AT&T, Facebook, Google, or Twitter could intercept your emails and text messages. These companies could then forward copies to one another and to the government, wherein potentially modifying those communications or preventing them from reaching their destination if it fits into their plan to stop “cybersecurity threats.”

What could constitute “cyber-security” is as broad as it is nebulous. According to the above-referenced article, a company could sensor any speech that it believes could “degrade the network”. In my view, the network has already been substantially degraded!

H.R. 3523 indicates specifically that the act of cybersecurity can include the protection against the “theft or misappropriation of private or government information” including “intellectual property.”

The long and short of it is Congress believes that companies should have the right to monitor our communications throughout the vast galaxies of cyber-space and copy and share those communications if a perceived cyber-threat is detected. If H.R. 3523 is passed, our freedoms and free speech will be further constricted in the name of stopping the misuse of corporate or government information and the thievery of intellectual property. I, for one, stand against the stealing of intellectual property, but ultimately that is not what this bill appears to be about.

Government and large corporations have become partners; working hand in hand to bring a pseudo Martial Law to the flyways of Cyberspace as the free world slowly but steadily morphs into a new world order and one world system.

Are you fully prepared?

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ACTA, SOPA, PIPA – a Cyber-Lockdown

This writer has blogged at length in regards to SOPA, less so about the similar legislation known as PIPA, and now for the first time, the newest attempt to reign-in counterfeiting known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA.

ACTA - a cyber lockdown

ACTA - a cyber lockdown

The list of signatories of this legislation reads like a one world kumbaya: the U.S., the European Union and twenty-two of its member states, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore. “Purilateral” will become a commonly-used New World Order buzzword, and ACTA is a plurilateral agreement for the purpose of establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement.

President Obama and eight negotiating partners signed the agreement on October 1, 2011. The White House in sinister fashion circumvented the necessity to have ACTA confirmed by lawmakers; doing so by presenting it an as “executive agreement,” although legal scholars have taken note of ¬†the glaringly dubious nature of this characterization.

“Dubious” indeed!

ACTA is SOPA and PIPA on steroids; granting copyright holders direct powers to demand that ISPs remove alleged copyright-infringing material from the internet merely on a whim. Under pre-ACTA conditions, internet service providers were only forced to remove content after a court order. Now, all legal oversight will be abolished, creating a precedent applicable worldwide. With legal oversight being eliminated, the potential for abuse will likely be greater than that which would have been suffered through PIPA or SOPA.

The internet has made the acquisition of most music free via MP3, crippling the music industry and damaging profitability for songwriters and recording artists. Music listeners merely need to paste the URL of a music video into any one of a number of “convert youtube videos to MP3” style websites and the soundtrack can be downloaded for free, which is stealing and not “sharing” – the feel-good phrase that is used to rationalize online piracy. This piracy is one of a number of crimes that ACTA, PIPA, and SOPA were created to eliminate, and that appears good on the surface…

…But ACTA would bring an end to the internet as we know it. It would put de facto control of the World Wide Web into the hands of two powerful Washington D.C. lobbying groups: the music and the movie industries. Governments around the world would cede to the wishes of these billion dollar golden calves, and it is likely that not only would piracy be eliminated but likewise a great deal of online shopping and research. And with global enforcement, the far-fetched notion that Big Brother can’t hear what goes on in your home – let along over your phone – would no longer be fiction but faction.

Sovereign nations must be brought down to bring about the coming One World System. It seems now that a free-flowing internet may have to be chained and restrained as well.

Keep watching at the wall!

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Distracted, Pacified, and Deceived

Hey you! Hey Krystal, Nathan, McKenna, Joe, or whoever you may be; right now, this very moment, you are being distracted…

…Now, don’t look too closely at the real-time conditions you are immersed in. Just look at the television to see what the media deems as the important news; such as who would be elected President in 2012. Then, check your Android for that crucial text so you’ll know where to meet your BFF for tonight’s round of bar-hopping.

Kim Kardashian: celebrity distraction

Kim Kardashian: celebrity distraction

Certainly, the world itself won’t end in 2012; however the imminent demise of the world as you know it has been years in the making. If the general populace had an awareness of the gravity of the situation – if they had an inkling of the close proximity of peril – there could potentially be mass-panic. So, it is better to keep the populace distracted by Romney vs. Gingrich and Obama vs. Jan Brewer, pacified by reality T.V. sensations¬†Snooki and the Kardashians, and deceived by positive though sluggish 2.8% economic growth.

It’s difficult to believe that we’re in trouble. On the surface, it seems that we’ve recovered from the devastating events of 9/11/2001. We’ve persevered through lengthy, costly military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re still on our feet, despite our wobbling and teetering punch-drunkenness after the Obama presidency gave us a bloody nose and a black eye. We still have our cable and satellite television. Our internet is up and running today despite the government’s best efforts to sensor and control it through SOPA and PIPA legislation that now seems to be down for the count.

We’ve survived and endured much calamity since the dawn of the twenty-first century. But, it is only by the grace of a loving God that we have made it this far. Syria and Egypt; the upheaval there will directly impact America, but unless we seek news and information beyond the mainstream media, we will be kept in the dark. The Arab Spring was no victory for democracy but instead an open door the size of a quasar for the evil of greater Islamic theocracy. Israel, she is the apple of God’s eye – and He will bless those who bless her and curse those who curse her; but the current presidential administration pays no mind to God’s word on this matter.

America has unwittingly given over to deception and distraction, in pursuit of greater temporal satisfaction. She is being manipulated through the news media and entertainment industries while being lulled into a level of passivity through technology, and that has left her gravely vulnerable. There is an elitist effort to destroy her superpower status and steal her sovereignty to make way for the New World Order. It’s coming and we can’t stop it, but are we too distracted, pacified, and decieved to gird for it?

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World War 3.0

The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Martin Dempsey, met with Israeli leaders on Friday 1/20/12 in an effort to dissuade the nation from attacking Iranian nuclear facilities. On Thursday, hacktivist group Anonymous shut down websites belonging Universal Music Group, the RIAA, U.S. Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America, the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, and the US Copyright Office; in a powerful and seemingly effective protest of SOPA and PIPA legislation. Meanwhile, “Preppers” are preparing for the collapse of America as we know it; a veritable “uncivilization.”

Cyber-war is a part of WW3.0

Cyber-war is a part of WW3.0

The halcyon days of tra-la-la-ing down Main Street America are seemingly coming to an end. To look down at our iPhone 4S or iPad to check for texts from our besties while we walk may cause us to lose sight of the rolling, torrential avalanche of change; that loss of worldly freedom and security that we have grown soft and pacified in like an over-coddling mother’s bosom.

Internet-loving citizens of the free world have been drawn into a World War Web being waged by cyber-groups such as Anonymous, who operate in the nebulous electric shadow-world of 01010101. But, war is coming that will be waged on Terra Firma, in the skies, and on the seas that will involve Israel, America, Iran and likely Russia and China – and it will shake the foundations of the two income, two-car, Nathan going to college, Kristi going to grad school, Kaitlin getting married, vacation to Hawaii, let’s barbecue a side of beef Old America. As for today World War 3.0 is absent fireworks, but it is being waged on the internet and through covert operations, as the health of the Euro and the Dollar continues to deteriorate and both could fall into cardiac arrest at any time.

Since that terrible day in 2001, wise Americans have been braced for another catastrophic event; one worse than 9/11. Excluding natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, that catastrophe has yet to rear its ugly, vicious head. But, as World War 3.0 is for today waging quietly around us, shouldn’t we be “preppers” and be ready for the worst-case scenario? Indeed, the passionate campaigning of preparation for disaster is not just a gimmick for radio and television personalities like Glenn Beck to boost their ratings by attracting the patronage of “end of the world lunatics.”

Jesus is coming to take His true believers home to a glorious wedding feast. But, while He continues to tarry, believers and non-believers are well-advised to be ready for tumultuous times. War is waging and economic collapse is staging. We are no longer allowed the luxury to live as Missouri-ites in the “Show Me” state.

We would be wise to start believing without first seeing.

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Bloodless War

There are no bullets or blood. You will not hear the pop of artillery fire or the whoosh of missiles taking off from mobile launchers. The threat of nuclear weapons being implemented is minimal though not entirely negligible. Traditional armament-toting soldiers are not being deployed; however there is a bloodless war being waged in Cyber-Space…

Who is Anonymous?

Who is Anonymous?

The global cyber-collective carrying the moniker of Anonymous has claimed to have shut down six major websites; those belonging Universal Music Group, the RIAA, U.S. Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America, the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, and the US Copyright Office. As of 6:50 PM ET on Thursday, January 19, only the MPAA site was functional, while others showed signs of tampering. This salvo was fired by Anonymous in retaliation for charges levied earlier Thursday against content-sharing site Megaupload.com.

Anonymous has been referred to as an “internet-based superconsciousness.” The hacktivist collective’s slogan is “We are Anonymous, We are legion, We never forgive, We never forget, Expect us.” This is a group that has demonstrated that they should not be taken lightly; that they should indeed be “expected.”

We have grown to rely on the internet for nearly all manner of sustenance in this worldly life. What is being demonstrated by a group such as Anonymous is that the venerable internet is vulnerable; it can be violated in a way that supersedes identity theft, phishing, and general harassment. Useful and popular websites that draw countless thousands if not millions of visitors can be taken down for long periods of time despite the best technological defenses put in place to prevent such attacks.

Defenders of SOPA and PIPA could use this most recent move by Anonymous as justification for full, undiluted enactment of those pending laws. In reality, there is nothing that these legislative works could do to prevent further acts of hacktivism. Cyber-Space has become a battleground; but does this war pit Us verses Them or Them versus the Other Them?

Don’t grow attached to the temporal things of this world, as they are fleeting. The world will not end in 2012, but as I have written before it will change – and likely in radical ways. As a technologically-dependent society and culture the very things we depend on have made us perilously soft in our addiction.

Imagine a world suddenly devoid of Facebook. My, oh my, perish the thought!

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