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Attention Sheeple – Introducing the Next Natural Man

The Sheeple do as they are told…

Don’t be distracted by what some call a Zombie Apocalypse. Instead, there is a storm that is upon us now and it is slowly but steadily intensifying. What I believe that this storm will lead to served as the catalyst and inspiration for my writing of The Wayfarers fiction trilogy. As I have watched events unfold over the last several years and as I see the the world in 2012 on the brink of economic collapse and great war; my belief in that slowly but steadily growing pre-tribulation supernatural “Storm” is only being reinforced.

The Sheeple do as they are told

The Sheeple do as they are told

From my Facebook page Wayfaring Through the Storm:

What is the “Storm?” – While weather is an important aspect of the Storm, it is only one aspect. There is a spiritual battle taking place and it will be manifested through the current government, through terror and war, seismic and geological events, weather, and through organizations and individuals. This is not the Tribulation, but many will think that it is…

Until Barack Obama was elected POTUS, I would never have believed as I do now that the elective process in the United States and likely around the world is manipulated by wealthy elites who wield great power and immeasurable influence through – but not limited to – the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the news media, and the entertainment industry.

Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama came virtually out of nowhere and quickly rose to his position today via the efforts of the elites who exploited his arrogance, charismatic personality and “Hope and Change” sloganeering. A gullible and easily manipulated American populace were convinced by an entertainment and news media compliant to and operated by the elites that they should elect him as the first black president.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I prefer to judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin; and in that I was able to quickly discern the dirth of the aforementioned character in Soetoro/Obama.

The sheeple of the United States and the world are seeking a natural man to solve the growing crisis; in essence run damage control during the Storm and then sit in power after they are convinced that the Storm has ended. The sheeple need to see this man on their televisions and on the internet because they lack in their spirit the faith to believe that the answer cannot be seen today through natural eyes – as He who is the answer exists in the Supernatural and in the heart.

The sheeple pursued Obama as the answer and millions will again; while others will seek may Mitt Romney as the one who can fix it all. The elite powers that be will again manipulate the system through money and corruption to select and install the next natural man to suit their own needs and not those of the voter. Concurrently, the elites undermine America and Europe through economic fascism; eroding national sovereignty so as to diminish each to make way for the one world economy and government that they believe they will control and be even more prospered in.

But what the elites don’t consider is that with this new world order will come a single religion and a new object of worship…

The elites will help facilitate the storm and use it to their own end; but truly the storm is supernatural. The elites themselves are merely pawns of Satan as it is he who will indwell the next natural man who is known in the Bible as the Son of Perdition and culturally as the Anti-Christ. He isn’t Romney or Obama; although the captivation with and the magnetism of Obama – who appeared to be the “One” who would solve all of our problems – conditioned the world to worship a natural man…

…In reality, the coming “natural man” will have his levers pulled supernaturally.

The free world is on the verge of economic collapse; and war involving Israel, America, Syria, and Iran will likely finish that collapse. There will be all manner of lawlessness through rioting, looting, pillaging and plundering. There will be hunger as grocery shelves are left bare and only the so-called “preppers” will have enough to last for a time and the armaments to protect themselves and their families. Expect Martial Law on the streets and limited internet, cellphone, and television.

The streets of American urban areas will be battle zones, and the desperadoes there will travel out to the suburbs to seek spoil; and many in those formerly safe suburbs will hope that the same Martial Law that restricts their free movement will slow those packs of urban wolves as well…

The world will cry out for a leader to repair the storm damage and to bring peace and prosperity. That man will rise into power out of the old Roman empire and those left behind who were conditioned by Obama will embrace and worship this new man. And this next natural man will tilt back his head and look smugly toward the sky while considering himself to be God.

Still, I can’t help but believe that somewhere during the storm, when the supernatural blizzard roars into the natural and the elites attempt to tame the snowicane and use it to their advantage as the new natural man prepares to put them out of business and take power, the Risen King of the Supernatural who bled as a natural man and died on the cross will come and rescue those who did not lose hope or displace their faith.

Before the next natural man begins his reign of death, the Risen King of the Supernatural will take home to that most glorious and eternal storm shelter those who worshiped Him in truth.

The Risen King is the simple answer to be pursued.

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Is the Weather Being Manipulated?

The weather forecast calls for a Storm Warning

Weathering the weather: Crack open another beer and turn on American Idol or The Voice. Put complete trust in your government and know that Barack Obama will get the economy turned around before Election Day 2012…

…People who are crazy enough to believe anything other than what the Mainstream Media tells them are crackpots, right? There’s lots of jobs out there, and people like this writer – who obviously has too much spare time on his hands – had better get busy and find one and stop believing in all that SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Matthew 24, and Book of Revelation stuff!

Weather Map, Midwest May 3-4 2012

Severe storms hitting the Midwest U.S during May 3-4 2012.

The Sheeple are pacified and no one dare question Big Brother and Big Sis…

Certainly, you’ve heard of NEXRAD radar. Are you familiar with Sawtooth Sweeps, Scalar Squares, geometric modulation and wave-shaping and circle sweeps?

Have you considered the possibility that this strange and dangerous U.S. weather in 2012 can at least be partially man-made and manipulated? And before the environmentalists chime in with a vigorous shout of “yes”, I am not referring to Al Gore’s Global Warming.

Michael Janitch, who is the YouTube sensation known as Dutchsince, makes a compelling case and provides strong evidence that their could possibly be some merit to the belief that our weather is being manipulated. In the previous sentence I provided a bold link to his YouTube page of weather forecasts, earthquake coverage and more, but one video that was posted today, 05-04-12, should truly be an eye-opener for you:

From Michael’s video page you will find a link to his blog. Understanding the terminology involved such as the aforementioned “Sawtooth Sweeps” etcetera can be difficult for the layperson, but by reading you can gain knowledge. More importantly, by viewing the videos you will see what could be empirical evidence that something nefarious involving our weather is taking place.

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Economic Collapse, Secret Societies, and Sheeple

According to a poll taken over the weekend by German newspaper Bild, 60% of Germans oppose backing more loans to Greece – and yet German lawmakers approved on Monday 02/27/12 a second bailout for the gravely ill nation existing on economic life support.

Free masons are a secret society with one world ambitions

Free masons - do you know any?

Despite opposition from within German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, the vote on Germany’s contribution to the 130 billion Euro rescue package passed with a large majority.

The German vote means Greece is one step closer to its second bailout, which was approved by euro area finance ministers last week. It is expected that European Union heads of state will officially approve the bailout package at a summit later this week. Finnish and Dutch lawmakers are likewise expected to approve the bailout.

Greece is on a financial road to ruin, and on that perilous journey will go Europe and America as fellow travelers – on foot. As gasoline prices rise in the U.S. for the twentieth straight day, the hits to a struggling economy keep on happening and the hurts become more painful. Democrats like Massachusetts congressman Ed Markey are urging President Obama to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but this call to tap the SPR is likely considered for mere political expediency in an election year.

Greece will again temporarily avert disaster by going out on bail, but America won’t see such a financial blessing. There is no one willing to bail out America but its own government, and the citizenry that funds the system and pays a king’s ransom for fuel and food cannot afford any more “economic stimulus.”

The collapse is being engineered with patience and precision, slowly enough that the sheeple don’t notice yet it is more than obvious to those who watch at the wall. The one world system is coming, being brought on by wealthy elites and secret societies who control the economy today; believing that they will prosper when national borders are brought down, civil and private property rights are abolished, and a new Luciferian religion is installed and accepted by the masses who have been conditioned for decades.

Even those who are the most deeply pacified are familiar with the term “Anti-Christ.”

This may all seem like absolute insanity and you may not yet be convinced, but a one world system where you will never prosper is coming fast. In the intensifying storm of increased instability and upheaval of the Middle East, and with the deterioration of the American and European economies, we are seemingly on the doorstep of a major meltdown.

Keep your powder dry and stock your storehouse. Most importantly: know Jesus, know peace, and you will be spared the coming wrath.

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The Wayfarers trilogy by author Jim Yackel

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Pawns, Rooks, Fishops, and Bishops

The people – or the “sheeple” as they are referred to by talk radio personality Michael Savage and various bloggers – are hanging on to a feel-good false hope of an America recovered from traumatic economic injury and a born-again job market. They are planning on their homes gaining value and a suddenly-revitalized real estate market that will allow those houses to be sold at a tidy profit. In their exuberance they impatiently wait for the November 2012 election so the Chicago Marxist cum messiah can be unceremoniously removed from the Office of the Presidency and a Republican will sweep in, clean house, and restore order…just like the Congressional Republicans did in 2010; remember?

Chess pieces diagrammed for battle

Chess pieces diagrammed for battle

Those who think like this writer are held in judgement by the sheeple. We are considered to be on the fringe and not fully focused on reality. We have too much spare time on our hands and should have a second vocation to use up the hours that we spend writing about a world and an America that has seen its best days. “Things are gonna turn around – they always do! Things are already turning around! Just wait until we get that Obama out of White House…” they say.

The alarm clock is ringing with an irritating, discordant chime and too many with functioning ears don’t hear it. It’s not that they are deaf; it’s that they refuse to hear. Those with eyes could see, but too many choose to blind themselves and be blind.

We must be prepared for the worst; at least for a time. Two of America’s metaphorical table legs have been kicked out; and large slivers are being chiseled from the remaining pair. It is fair to blame the Obama administration as they have kicked the table legs and accelerated the deterioration of a free, capitalist nation. But the erstwhile community organizer is himself a pawn; albeit a most willing piece on the world’s chess board. And he who comes after the Marxist will have been selected by the powers that be and then voted in by people and sheeple alike through an election charade. But keep in mind the two remaining metaphorical table legs are compromised, so we must be prepared for the inevitable collapse.

If possible, put together a “bug out bag.” Have that bag ready for just in case because it is merely a matter of time before economic catastrophe visits America and with it will come dangerous upheaval. Be locked, be loaded, and like the culturally-maligned Boy Scouts, be prepared.

The presidents of the modern era are mere pawns, rooks, fishops, and bishops; manipulated by wealthy elites in a worldwide game of chess where in 2012 the warning “check” has been issued and “mate” is already diagrammed.

Mitt Romney can’t save you. Nor can Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Donald Trump or Rick Santorum. Only Jesus can save the sheeple; whereby making them His sheep. There will be no miracle performed on Election Day 2012 – unless it happens to be the day that the Lord returns for His faithful followers and takes us home.

We – and that includes Harold Camping – know not the day nor the hour, but we see the signs that tell us we are in the season for Christ’s return for his church. Don’t confuse the word “church” for the edifice where the sheeple sit below the steeple. The “church” is Christ’s true believers; they being imperfect sinners lacking the faux shine of the religious but saved by grace. We worship Him as Lord, Savior, God, and Friend. Sadly, many who proudly proclaim “God bless America” don’t know Him, but cling to a morphing America as their god.

The longer Jesus tarries, the worse it is going to become in America – so be prepared! But His timing is perfect, and just before America becomes absorbed into the one world religion, economy, and government, He will come to the rescue and meet His beloved in the air.

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