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Nine Digit Jackpot

Newt Gingrich predicts that the race to become the Republican nominee for president in 2012 will come down to him and Mitt Romney (no surprise, eh?), and it will be “a straight-out contest for the next four or five months.”

Millions of dollars, millions of dreams

Millions of dollars, millions of dreams

Reportage of and commentary on the 2012 Presidential race has made up the lion’s share of what has been broadcast over FOX, CNN, and MSNBC for months now. The verbal sparring matches between Gingrich and Romney, the primaries and the debates: these events are sucking the oxygen out of the other items that may be newsworthy as this first month of 2012 winds down and the world moves on to February and beyond.

Let us not be distracted. There is more here than meets the eye. America is growing more hungry, but it seems that it is not hungering for the truth. Many citizens are lacking and are led to seek the nine-digit jackpot through Powerball, Mega Millions, and other instant lottery games – but through the desperation brought about by lack those people may lose sight of the hope of eternal gold.

We must keep watch at the wall, but in that we need to see beyond the television, the newspaper and the internet, and the obsession with a presidential election. We must lift our hearts and arms upward, because the earth below our feet is but a bridge that is rickety and unstable, and ripe for collapse. Only the Bright Morning Star will illuminate the path that is solid and unshakable – away from the rickety, swinging bridge as this world aches, quakes, and groans through painful labor.

The odds of winning the nine-digit jackpot are stacked tall against us.  Of course, that payout would meet immediate needs and substantially improve our quality of earthly life, but it could ultimately leave us again in lack. The dollars in the jackpot are on life-support, and could die at any time and become valueless.

America has learned a hard lesson that presidents are not saviors or messiahs. The current occupant of the White House was portrayed as both, and in that position he has conditioned a nation and the world to worship a charismatic, handsome, well-spoken man who would usher in peace and prosperity for all who are left behind to live in it.

The tongue will spit lies and the aforementioned peace and prosperity will be false when the true one world leader rises into power.

The media will cover the 2012 election and leave little room for anything else – unless an event so earth-shattering or catastrophic occurs and must be moved to the front burner of news reporting. If we look beyond the surface and toward Europe and the Middle East, we will see these news events forming today, and they will radically change America.

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The Lone Superpower

Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) – Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid Thursday for the Republican presidential nomination, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

via FIRST ON CNN: Sources: Perry dropping out of GOP race – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Herman Cain is gone. Michele Bachmann has likewise dropped out. Jon Huntsman has left the proverbial building. Now, Texas Governor Rick Perry is bidding adieu to the 2012 Presidential race, following the lead of the aforementioned Cain, Bachmann, and Huntsman and exiting the Green Room where the GOP candidates each wait for their own shot to take the stage and face the Kenyan King under the heat of the television cameras in seemingly life or death debate.

Ron Paul is still standing, supported and buoyed by a ravenous cult of followers who are seeking “hope” and “change” in a different but equally radical way. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been allowed to persevere thus far and continue to show signs of life despite being bruised and bloodied by the mainstream media and members of their own party. But after all is said and done, it will likely be Mitt Romney who steps into the ring against the “one” – the anointed false messiah and proud Alinsky-ite Barack Obama.

Romney would appear to be the establishment’s choice. In that role, Romney looks and sounds presidential; a classic, rugged veneer to gloss over the stuffing that will fill the suit. Romney would meet everyone in the middle and all would be pacified and satisfied. But, what we will likely see come November 2012 is not Romney versus Obama but The Establishment versus The Powers That Be – not to be confused with the NBC television series that aired in 1992 and ’93.

This writer plans to vote in the 2012 election, but it is all a charade and a masquerade. I have watched American citizens turn away from the political process, and the patriot in me could not accept it and accused them of being unpatriotic and apathetic. As time goes on, I see that perhaps it’s more than a decline of a superpower’s citizenry; it is a sense of futility that invades the mind and spirit and draws many into their own selfish pursuits because the nation and the world has broken their hearts and quashed the aforementioned spirit. Within themselves they believe they can manipulate and control their immediate surroundings and find a modicum of joy, because outside of their personal spaces there is nothing but pain, heartbreak, deflated American dreams and broken promises of a better world.

This world is on a collision course for radical change; and like an approaching blizzard it is snowing steadily now as the gale-force winds are increasing as they blow in from the Supernatural. It is a storm system that has been forming for centuries but it doesn’t take a meteorologist to see the immediate and colossal uptick in intensity.

Sure, it sounds like a crackpot conspiracy theory, but The Powers That Be are they who control the banks, stock markets, IMF and Federal Reserve. Wittingly or not, by destroying economies for their own selfish gain they are paving the way today for the rise of the Son of Perdition who will run the One World System.

Presidents wield much power, but aren’t they merely kings in a nebulous chess game being maneuvered by unseen hands? We must remember to look beyond the game board and its players and toward the true hope…

… Because there is but one Superpower, and His name is Jesus.

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Jersey Shore, Miss America, and Mitt Romney

Jersey Shore, Miss America, Mitt Romney; three big names and exceedingly popular topics. Jersey Shore is of course the immensely popular reality television series that is considered a “cultural phenomenon” and is the all-time most viewed series telecast on MTV. (You remember; Music Television).

Miss America Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Miss America Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler

Newly-crowned 2012 Miss America Laura Kaeppeler would not let her father’s jail time for mail fraud be a deterrent to her pursuit of the crown, but instead stated that she desired children of incarcerated adults to feel less alone, to have mentoring, and to have as much of a relationship with their parents as possible.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is seemingly the choice of the establishment; although he is not thus far the clear front-runner to be the party’s nominee for the 2012 Presidential election. The powers that be will likely exercise all manner of influence and heavy-handedness to keep Barack Hussein Barry Obama Soetoro in the office of the Presidency, as he has put forth a superb effort to undermine the U.S. economy and to neuter the world’s most powerful military; so as to erase America’s superpower status and make way for the one world system. Where the coming one world system is concerned; it will not be run by Barack Obama. While we do not know today who the Anti-Christ is or will be, we can be fairly confidant that it is not Barack Obama!

While America remains stimulated by television programs such as Jersey Shore and conversely pacified by pageantry such as Miss America; while FOX, CNN, and MSNBC continue to offer wall to wall coverage of a presidential election that may already be decided – the world has crossed the Rubicon and is perched on the precipice of peril. To be clear, there is no attempt here by this writer to encourage disengagement from the political process; as I have always been engaged in it. And certainly, I am in no position to tell grown-ups what they can or can’t watch on television. But, too many are not paying attention to the rest of the world. The safe America shores have suffered considerable erosion; enough so that what happens in the rest of the world has a profound effect on what happens in the land of the free.

I continue to bang the drum: watch Israel, who is the prophetic timepiece and the apple of God’s eye. Watch Iran primarily and the rest of the Middle East secondarily. Watch China and Russia. While the internet has yet to suffer the implementation of SOPA legislation – look for news there, because you’ll get flickering images and talking faces on television – but the reportage may be sorely lacking as the selection cum election is seemingly the only news.

We must all be watchers at the wall…

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Silver Bullet

Republican Jon Huntsman has dropped out of the 2012 Presidential race, and is set to endorse Mitt Romney.

The New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and San Francisco Forty-Niners were victorious in NFL divisional playoff action on January 14 and 15, 2012; and will move on to the NFC and AFC Championship games to decide who will participate in Super Bowl 46.

Get on board the train!

Get on board the train!

A sixth body has been found after the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground in a reef Friday off the Italian Island of Giglio and capsized.

The aforementioned news items are the hot topics as the week of January 15-16, 2012 gets underway. But, these trending topics beg the question: what is truly going on?

Certainly, the 2012 Presidential election which is still nearly 10 months away can’t be the most crucial and critical news that the television talking faces need to commit nearly constant reportage to. It is likely that the Republican nominee has already been selected, and there is the strong possibility that a false flag event will postpone the November election and keep Barry Soetoro in office.

NFL football is sensational, enjoyable, and an exhilarating distraction, but is it so important that it should override news concerning Iran, Israel, and the Middle East in toto? Not to be mitigated, the crash of the Costa Concordia is a heartbreaking event, but why is it being reported with the same tabloid-esque frenzy as that of the tawdry, terrible, Casey Anthony story?

Too soon, you will turn on your Toshiba 46″ television to view news on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC and something truly earth-shattering will be breaking – quite possibly a 9.0 earthquake along the New Madrid fault line? Or, it could be sudden, seemingly unexpected military action involving Iran, Israel, and the United States; if not one of several other likely combinations of Middle Eastern conflict that will send gasoline and home heating fuel prices skyrocketing. Likewise, it is a mere matter of time before the collapse of the Euro will be breaking news, bringing the Dollar down with it. Another “earth-shattering” not too distant future event could be that around the globe numerous people – seemingly millions – have suddenly turned up missing.

The disquieting, catastrophic, and in one case glorious events mentioned in the previous paragraph have yet to happen – despite considerable speculation – so therefore many of us believe they never will…

…Could it be that God the conductor is holding the silver bullet train at the station just a little bit longer so more of us can drive through the flooded, flotsam and jetsam-laden streets of our circa 2011-2012 lives; so as to make it to the ticket counter?

As for today, the train is waiting at the station and distracted passengers are loading nonchalantly; but for how much longer?

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The Man Behind the Curtain

I’ve stated before that I am not a prognosticator, and I will maintain that claim. But, this writer will make the seemingly safe prediction that the year 2012 will be more tumultuous than 2011 on all fronts…

Obama good, no Romney good!

Obama good, no Romney good!...no Paul!

There is so much information available through the internet and mass-media that the ability to discern the truth from deception will be exceedingly difficult in 2012; even for watchers at the wall like me. I have with steadfastness believed that the television news media is controlled and events that could directly impact the quality of our lives – especially those events taking place in the Middle East – do not get sufficient reportage. The 2012 Presidential Campaign has been in full-swing for months and all other news seemingly gets the short shrift.

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) may curtail greatly the information that we receive online; if the government uses it to shutdown sites that may be “unfriendly” to the Marxist administration currently at the helm of Good Ship America. As a writer and a recording artist, I stand against internet piracy as it would make my products illegally free and deny me the opportunity to be paid for my creative work. But at the same time, I don’t trust the amount of freedom that SOPA would give to Big Brother and the fact that Hollywood is so supportive of it sends up a miniature red flag of paranoia in my mind. Much of the Internet Industry, including social media giants Facebook and Twitter as well AOL, LinkedIn, Ebay, and Mozilla are set against SOPA. Indeed, it is something to be carefully watched in 2012.

So while we are being distracted by Obama vs. Romney, Romney vs. Gingrich, Paul vs. Santorum, Obama will beat any Republican, any Republican will beat Obama ad infintum and ad nauseum, events will be transpiring in the Middle East that will threaten our way of life and likewise through the government that will diminish our freedom. But, the casual news observer will be made suitably uninformed by being lulled into a stupor by nearly non-stop Election 2012 coverage or by SOPA pseudo-censorship…

…That is unless an event so colossal takes place in the world that all self-respecting albeit controlled media outlets will be forced to push aside the perpetual coverage of the buildup to the election; if the election itself isn’t postponed!

The “control” is at the very least within the bias; with FOX being for the most part conservatively so while CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and others bowing to the liberal agenda followed by their viewers, listeners, and button-pushers alike. At the very worst, the control is brought upon the news media by the wealthy elites that drive corporate America and operate the world banking system. It is these elites that believe they will hold complete power in a full-out economic and social collapse; implementing a one world system that is financial, governmental, judicial, militaristic, religious, and commercial.

The government is not here to help and “The Man” is a select group of men and women. In 2012, we may see much more evidence of these things as those who operate behind the scenes will be more bold about stepping out into view. But pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

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