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Groundhog Day

Now that Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow on February 2, 2012, will that mean six more weeks until economic collapse?

Groundhog Day: It has long been a national event based on daft prognostication and sheep-headed superstition to distract the masses. The celebration of Punxsutawney Phil’s rising from the burrow in the Pennsylvania town that is his namesake gives reason to hoot, holler, and become intoxicated. But do American’s need a reason for the aforementioned?

Punxsutawney Phil is a distraction.

Punxsutawney Phil is a distraction

Based on folklore, there will be six more weeks of winter because the groundhog named Phil saw his shadow. Does Punxsutawney Phil even know that he saw his shadow? Does he have an inkling as to what a shadow is? What does PETA think of the poor groundhog being exploited in this manner?

Despite the mild weather pattern that has settled over much of the U.S., there will be six more weeks of winter as Spring officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, 2012, at 1:14 A.M. Punxsutawney Phil is not a meteorologist, and yet we had better steel ourselves and prepare to trudge and shovel our way through whatever snow may fall between now and the first day of spring; and for the snow that will likely fall once spring has sprung.

The groundhog can’t tell us when the economy’s coming collapse will take place, but do we need a soothsayer in the guise of a furry animal to provide us with this information? We can see the signs as the hostilities with Iran crawl toward the Rubicon. Don’t be fooled by the “good talks” between the former Persia and the IAEA. These talks are but a crafty ruse used to pacify the gullible as neither the IAEA or Iran can be trusted. Israel does not have the luxury of time to wait and America knows this as well – as nuclear submarine USS Annapolis and the destroyer USS Momsen enter the Red Sea.

The powers that be are playing chess and the world is the game board. Romney, Gingrich, Obama, and Punxsutawney Phil are all icons to distract us from seeing the hands that maneuver the pawns, bishops, rooks, and knights. Through the lies and deception, this writer is glad that he knows the truth

…But for now I’ll say what you want to hear: Happy Groundhog Day!

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World War 3.0

The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Martin Dempsey, met with Israeli leaders on Friday 1/20/12 in an effort to dissuade the nation from attacking Iranian nuclear facilities. On Thursday, hacktivist group Anonymous shut down websites belonging Universal Music Group, the RIAA, U.S. Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America, the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, and the US Copyright Office; in a powerful and seemingly effective protest of SOPA and PIPA legislation. Meanwhile, “Preppers” are preparing for the collapse of America as we know it; a veritable “uncivilization.”

Cyber-war is a part of WW3.0

Cyber-war is a part of WW3.0

The halcyon days of tra-la-la-ing down Main Street America are seemingly coming to an end. To look down at our iPhone 4S or iPad to check for texts from our besties while we walk may cause us to lose sight of the rolling, torrential avalanche of change; that loss of worldly freedom and security that we have grown soft and pacified in like an over-coddling mother’s bosom.

Internet-loving citizens of the free world have been drawn into a World War Web being waged by cyber-groups such as Anonymous, who operate in the nebulous electric shadow-world of 01010101. But, war is coming that will be waged on Terra Firma, in the skies, and on the seas that will involve Israel, America, Iran and likely Russia and China – and it will shake the foundations of the two income, two-car, Nathan going to college, Kristi going to grad school, Kaitlin getting married, vacation to Hawaii, let’s barbecue a side of beef Old America. As for today World War 3.0 is absent fireworks, but it is being waged on the internet and through covert operations, as the health of the Euro and the Dollar continues to deteriorate and both could fall into cardiac arrest at any time.

Since that terrible day in 2001, wise Americans have been braced for another catastrophic event; one worse than 9/11. Excluding natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, that catastrophe has yet to rear its ugly, vicious head. But, as World War 3.0 is for today waging quietly around us, shouldn’t we be “preppers” and be ready for the worst-case scenario? Indeed, the passionate campaigning of preparation for disaster is not just a gimmick for radio and television personalities like Glenn Beck to boost their ratings by attracting the patronage of “end of the world lunatics.”

Jesus is coming to take His true believers home to a glorious wedding feast. But, while He continues to tarry, believers and non-believers are well-advised to be ready for tumultuous times. War is waging and economic collapse is staging. We are no longer allowed the luxury to live as Missouri-ites in the “Show Me” state.

We would be wise to start believing without first seeing.

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False Flag

Fox News reported today that an Iranian official has threatened a military drill to seal off the Strait of Hormuz. Just this mere threat of a threat made by Iranian Parliament National Security Committee Parviz Sarvari sent oil prices up about $3.00 to $100.00 a barrel based on the speculation of a disruption during the military drills.

The Wayfarers | Jacob's Trouble by author Jim Yackel

Read Jacob's Trouble before the fan turns brown!

In my view, this threat is a minor “false flag” – in other words a fabricated terror attack to justify military action or a military maneuver that is not defensive or preemptive in nature. Likewise, a false flag may be designed to bring about a desired result by the Puppet Masters – i.e. an economic downturn or the implementation of Martial Law in an effort to control the citizenry. Just the mere Iranian threat of a possible drill to practice shutting down the Strait of Hormuz sent a palpable tremor through the crude oil marketplace. Indeed, it seems as though we are a nation and a world that is perched nervously on the precipice. Needless to say, this is a threat that if carried out will place major impediments on the movement of Middle Eastern oil and have a negative impact on the American and European economies that are already reeling.

As for now, I can only recommend that you settle in with some entertaining fiction that may help you to see this threat from a fresh perspective.

God bless you,

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