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Sense of Urgency – Storm Troopers Rally

This writer has awakened with a sense of urgency – more than the usual “S.O.U.” that I experience through all of my waking moments and even in sparse sleep. There is the heightening sensation of falling barometric pressure while the earth below my feet feels as flimsy as a dollar store sky.

All colorful prose aside: Storm Troopers we must rally and now! While so many millions may be feeling the profound atmospheric changes, so many more millions are not. Yes, these changes many are feeling, but many, many more will be left reeling. The Riders on the Storm wear many masks and emanate many fronts, but it is up to us the Troopers to pull away the masks and expose what truth we can. And likewise, it is up to us to share the truth that saves…

The Storm is multi-faceted and highly dynamic. While it is manifesting itself in the Natural, its origins are in the Spiritual. On this tempest, hunger and strife are coming as the architectural pride of American man is smashed with the ease of a child’s foot on the roof of a Lego house. Lobster tails and Filet Mignon will be picked apart by scavenging crows as Spam and Spaghetti O’s become highly sought after delicacies – enjoyed by those who had the foresight to stock-up and store them before the worst came – and it is almost here.

The Storm is blizzard, hurricane, and earthquake. It is an oily Tsunami where blue-helmeted interlopers say they have come to help evacuate, but in truth their goal is to indoctrinate and mutilate. Beware those in unfamiliar garb who claim to be in an official capacity. These are other Riders on the Storm, who don’t tell lies and foment radical agendas on your television, but instead implement the lies and clear the beaches for the agendas. Troopers, as you stand in the gap you must be aware of these serpents and know the squirming brains under the helmets and grinning faces behind the masks.

Troopers, beware of rising kings who sit on tinfoil thrones and impart flaming decrees. As the winds become furious in the summer’s twilight, the Riders on the Storm will deliver lies packaged as “aid” and it will be up to us to diffuse these packages so as to prevent them from doing great harm.

Lies and deception through recession then depression. Deconstruction through destruction. We the Storm Troopers will have to be truth-tellers and bringers of comfort in the crisis.

Storm Troopers, we must rally and add to our numbers. Courage is needed now as every day will see increasingly inclement weather as the summer that isn’t melts into an autumn of tumult. The liars own so much of the information broadcasting systems and it is incumbent upon us to bring the truth. We are to clear the pathways of snow and bring light into the 36 hour night. In this, strong and honest leaders must rise and lead by living the Word of our Lord.

It has begun and the most difficult days are to come. Are we ready? Do you feel the call to be a Storm Trooper? How is the Holy Spirit moving your heart and soul today?

Pray hard, stand tall, and do not be given over to a spirit of fear.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

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Be watching for the coming storm, the wind is intensifying.

Salt and Preppers

To coincide with its new reality show called Doomsday Preppers, the National Geographic Channel conducted an online survey of 1,007 adults in the USA. The results of this survey indicate that 61% of Americans believe the nation will experience a major catastrophic event within the next 20 years, but only 15% of those polled feel they are fully prepared for what will come.

Without preparation there will be failure

Without preparation there will be failure

The events will transpire, and it does not require one to be blessed with the prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit to see tumult and turmoil on the rise. As Israel is contemplating an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities while the former Persia is taunting America through threats of closing the Strait of Hormuz, as Syria is in a state of civil war, as the Muslim Brotherhood is harvesting the fruit of the Arab Spring in Egypt, as the Dollar and Euro are perched on the precipice of collapse – trouble is rising like a bad moon on a fiery horizon.

It is costly to prepare for a period of time when the basic necessities of life could be virtually impossible to acquire; when the very freedom to drive to the local supermarket may be lost – if that favorite grocer is even open for business. A stockpile of canned goods, bottled water, MRE, matches, Sterno, batteries, battery-powered radio, a rifle and ammunition, and warm clothes may be too much for many Americans to afford in January 2012. But, this aforementioned stockpile which should include a first aid kit and water treatment tablets must somehow, someway be accumulated – and quickly.

Too many in America cling to the “it can’t happen here” mentality. They consider “preppers” to be kooks, pack-rats, and hoarders – and will guzzle 30 packs of Keystone Light while watching shows like “Doomsday Preppers” for the pure entertainment value before passing out just to awaken hung-over, smoke a Marlboro, shower, grab a cup of coffee at the local mini-market, and head off to their union jobs that they plan to retire from in order to collect a promised pension that they can’t envision ever disappearing, because “they paid into it.”

The denial of what preppers prepare for is rooted in a learned disquietude. The abominable events will transpire, and those who are not ready will perish. They may starve to death or have their hearts fail them through fear. Some will be shot in the head while attempting to steal a prepper family’s food. It can happen here, and it will…

…Wake up!

The simplest and most effective form of preparation is to accept Jesus as your Lord, Savior and propitiation for the sins that we all commit. He is the fail-safe and the guarantee of eternal life, and through that faith you will be called up and spared the wrath of the Great Tribulation that will come after the storms that are forming on and moving in from today’s horizons. Through that faith you will pass into paradise should you die as America and the world becomes increasingly unsafe and inhospitable.

If you are a prepper who has not yet accepted His grace on faith, you are indeed leaving out that most important part of your preparation.

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