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Remembering Will - Christian fiction by author Jim Yackel

Don’t Forget – ‘Remembering Will’ coming soon!

Remembering Will is my fifth novel – the eighth if you consider the three books that make up The Wayfarers. The hope is that the book will released in Kindle and paperback by early May.

The idea for this story came completely out of the blue. I wasn’t sitting and thinking “hmm…what book should I write next?” To be sure, my goal was to get to work on some new music, but then the idea of a tale about a musician just hit me. Singer-songwriter Will Gailey is the front man of a band called False Walrus, and he’s suffered some recent and significant set-backs in his life. He’s been traumatized and has some trouble remembering certain events; or is it that he’s merely blotted them out? Certainly, Will isn’t the man that those close to him remember him being. Will is bitter and angry, and perhaps rightfully so? Our man Will has become tormented, and could it be that he’s left himself wide open to the assaults he suffers?

Remembering Will is a story of the mind, the heart, the body, and the spirit. I truly enjoyed taking the journey with him, and my hope is that you will too. What follows is the back-cover description:

Memory is pain, but there are some things he’ll never forget…

At thirty-nine years of age, Will Gailey is an “over the hill” singer-songwriter who leads a rock band that the music business doesn’t consider to have the “now” sound. A trauma has rocked his world, and as a result his memory of events has been severely affected. Will can remember the lyrics and chord changes to his songs, but there are other things that seemingly he’s forgotten. Will has always enjoyed fishing, but even that relaxing activity has become a source of frustration. He’s become angry and disassociated, and has turned from the one thing that could bring him peace and healing. And where that one thing is concerned, that’s where his anger and the blame for his physical and spiritual pain are errantly directed. In his mind, that one thing is the cause for his loss and his suffering.

Months after the trauma, Will continues to suffer crushing headaches. He decides to take matters into his own hands as what is supposed to heal his anguish is only exacerbating it. He’s become weakened, vulnerable, and open to spiritual torment. He’s alone and in need of help, but when people come into his life that can be of assistance he’s apt to reject them. Vivid dreams, visions, and hallucinations occur, and in them are both the help he needs and likewise persecution. Will was a strong man, but now there’s a strong man that’s found a breach and is creating havoc in his life. Will remembers how to defeat the strong man, but it seems that he’s chosen to forget.

Will has changed, but band mates and friends remember how he “used to be.” Can he be the way he used to be again?

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wreckage cityscape


On February 26, 2011 I wrote and posted to my music website an inspirational piece titled Walking Away From the Wreckage. Have you ever had to crawl out of and stagger away from life’s wreckage – whether it be actual or metaphorical? Has a series of storms served to destroy your house of straw? If so, do any of your wounds continue to bleed? Do you continue to suffer a degree of mental, emotional, or spiritual trauma?

Though injured and bleeding you can walk away.

Though injured and bleeding you can walk away.

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you share a kinship with those who would be considered “wayfarers” in my fiction trilogy. Indeed, you may in fact be one! So now, it is likely that you’ve set about on a journey home – walking away from said wreckage – with no one to answer your call for help or to give you a ride. Indeed, your legs are tired and aching and the hole in your soul is gaping. But, did you know that it is evil you are escaping as you walk away?

Even after you’ve paced off enough distance to put the wreckage out of sight, there may well be flashbacks to the actual events that caused the crash. Those events are shoved down inside of the pack that you didn’t realize was on your back until now; and what a heavy weight it is to carry. There are scars that are visible to those who are blessed with the vision to see them. Those who can see the scars will lift up their prayers on your behalf, as they have faith in the one, true, living, triune God who can heal. But unfortunately dear wayfarer, there will be a greater amount of bigmouths and know-it-alls who will tell you that it’s your fault that the crash occurred and if you would have merely done things their way, none of this calamity would have befallen you…

…But you must remember dear wayfarer, it’s those bigmouths and know-it-alls; as well-meaning as they believe themselves to be – that will be the first to perish when the fan turns brown. Instead of being bitter against them, you must pray for them, as they are wrapped in the tow-chains of bondage!

As the storm blasts from the Supernatural into the Natural – you will be strengthened against it because you survived the crash; the crash that flipped your fragile world upside-down. Yes, indeed – the horrific crash that poured out the water from your oceans.

In time, the pain will subside and the flashbacks will fade like a far-off AM radio station on a cold, crystal-clear and starry night. There is healing, oh yes there will be peace in the valley!

Walk on wayfarer; walk on!

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