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April 2, 2013 in Books

As of this writing, “Jacob’s Trouble” as prophesied biblically in the book of Daniel has not begun. Still, you can read a fictional – perhaps soon to be factional – story of the days leading up to the beginning of this seven year time period.

The Wayfarers | Jacob's Trouble by Jim Yackel.  Get a free Kindle download from 04/02/2013 through 04/06/2013

The Wayfarers | Jacob’s Trouble

For five days, from April 2nd, 2013 through April 6th, Kindle users will have the opportunity to get a free download of my book Jacob’s Trouble, which is part 3 of The Wayfarers fiction trilogy. The story centers around two brothers, Jacob and Joshua Zimmer, who are left behind to face a collapsing America, Martial Law, and the rise of the one world government. Fortunately for the two musicians, they won’t have to face this terrible and tumultuous period of time alone. How long will they survive? In a time of growing hopelessness and despair, will they come to know the saving grace of Christ?

What follows is the description of The Wayfarers | Jacob’s Trouble:

Six months after America’s worst day – that being a wave of terror attacks on the east coast – the nation has fallen to its knees. The Christian church has been raptured home – or were the UFO’s in the sky an indicator of a massive alien abduction instead? The U.S. Dollar is on the verge of collapse as rioting and looting mar the streets of the country’s population centers and Martial Law is still in effect – but there are some new sheriffs in town and they are bent on taking over the traditional means of enforcement. Television and radio are being controlled and only one network is left to report the news of the world. It seems that even the weather forecasts are being massaged!

A young man and his brother are being watched by the “new sheriffs” and he is led to head out back in an effort to stay on the “down-low.” But, how far out back or how far away will he and his brother have to go in an effort to stay safe? Will they end up going it alone, or will they meet others along the way to make whatever journey they take a safe one? Will a new man on the world scene have any influence on the events that transpire in the lives of the young man, his brother, or the world?

This could be a journey where the end is the beginning at a time when the world is seeing the beginning of the end…

It is my hope that by reading the end of the trilogy, you will be inspired to read parts 1 and 2 for the beginning and middle part of the exciting, heart-wrenching, and inspiring Wayfarers tale. To go to the Jacob’s Trouble Kindle page for the free download, click here.

Thank you and God bless you,
Jim Yackel

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“Dead Ringer” – Wizard of Oz and Elvis?

December 14, 2012 in Books

Elvis Presley - the King of Rock and Roll - singing in 1968.

An Elvis Presley connection to End Times fiction?

Prior to this, I haven’t posted a blog since early November. It’s not that I’ve had writer’s block, but instead I have been busy writing…

This writer is at work on a new fiction novel titled “Dead-Ringer.” Based on the story line and time frame of events, it could be said that Dead Ringer is a tie-in to the Wayfarers trilogy, but is not a Wayfarers book, as that series is complete.

You the reader of this bog installment may be asking “why would ‘Dead Ringer’, an End Times fiction story taking place in a contemporary time, have some sort of reference to Elvis Presley?”

Ah, that is a good question indeed, but I cannot elaborate on an answer just now! Does Elvis come back from the dead? Well, you know that’s impossible! You may ask, “does Jesus come back in the form of Elvis?” Indeed, that is heretical and no, that does not happen!

As of mid December I would consider myself to be halfway done with the writing of the story. There are some truly interesting and intriguing characters that have been a joy for me to create. The backdrop of the story is Chittenango, New York. The rustic Madison County village is most known for being the birthplace of author L. Frank Baum, who penned the fiction series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that resulted in the beautifully timeless 1938 film that won two Oscars. Combine the Wizard of Oz connection with the Elvis Presley reference – no matter how great or small that may be – and hopefully your interest has become peaked.

Dead Ringer is a twisting, turning, action and adventure tale that leads seamlessly into the Wayfarers trilogy, and yet it will stand on its own merits. This writing of this book is quite a workout for me in the literary sense, and prayerfully it will be a joy and inspiration for you to read.

Thanks and God bless you – Jim Yackel

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A Cool Story Bro and Awesome Song

October 11, 2012 in Books, Music

The Wayfarers (acoustic version) – the rocking, haunting theme song of the evolving soundtrack for The Wayfarers fiction trilogy; which is more than just a cool story. Watch the video and enjoy!

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I’ve Got a Feeling, a Feeling Deep Inside

August 1, 2012 in Middle East Crisis, Signs and Wonders, TEOTWAWKI

“I’ve Got a Feeling” is a Lennon-McCartney track from the album “Let It Be”…

Some of my brothers and sisters in Christ may consider it an abomination for me to quote a lyric from a Beatles song – as some view the Beatles, their music, and their lyrics as the most anti-Christ, evil form of artistic expression to ever tickle the ears of fallen man.

Mohammed Morsi - "Our Capital Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing"

Mohammed Morsi

I enjoy the music of the Beatles. It is in my view the most colorful and creative rock music ever made. The lyrics to me are mere words – and in some cases clever wordplay – that don’t influence the way that I think or feel.

But it is not my enjoyment of the Beatles that will be the topic of this blog. Instead, I write today because I’ve got a feeling…

I will re-use what is for me a hackneyed phrase: I am no prophet, nor have I ever played one on television. I do not sense that God has gifted me with the prophetic, but has instead blessed me with a keen sensitivity to the Natural and Supernatural around me.

Certainly, I am not one of those heretics that claim they can determine the specific day of the Rapture. However; by being a watchman at the wall, I see the signs that tell me that we are in the season. It has been a long, slow, but deliberate slog along a rough and rocky road, but it sure does seem like we have completed the pacing of the End Times miles that would bring us within earshot of the sound of that glorious trumpet.

Just like some of you, I’ve got a feeling – a feeling deep inside oh yeah – that while we are nearly home, the remaining miles may take us through the stormiest weather that this fallen world has seen up to this point in its history. In the spring and summer of 2010 I wrote an online column called Storm Watch and then Storm Warning. I thought by the autumn of that year we would have reached a period where we would be seeing such hard times that some mislead followers of Christ would be saying that the Great Tribulation was already upon us. Well, that autumn brought great tribulation into my own life, but it seemed like everyone else was doing A-OK.

In August of 2012 the Middle East is perched on a precipice of war that will involve Syria, Iran, possibly Russia and America, and most surely the apple of God’s eye, who is none other than Israel. This war could involve Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and other nations in that region. On theoretical paper, this war could bring about a desired result for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is Morsi who has said “Our capital shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing.” But, on the paper pages of the Bible, this war could bring about the fulfillment of prophecies written in Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38-39. Somewhere along this tumultuous road the fulfillment of 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 could be a strong possibility.

Concurrent with the growing maelstrom in the Middle East are the steadily collapsing economies of America and Europe. Perhaps in anticipation of what some refer to as SHTF (Google it), the U.S. Federal Government may be preparing for civil unrest and Martial Law.

In my view, there is big trouble coming around the bend. Still, some of you may say that I’m a lunatic, a conspiracy theorist, or one of those disenfranchised End Times-loving Christians that can’t find fulfillment in this world and just wants to see TEOTWAWKI (another acronym you can Google) so as to believe that the Rapture is nigh.

Say what you will, and indeed, time will tell. But I’ve got a feeling…

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America’s Worst Day Ever – an Upside-Down Flag

June 25, 2012 in TEOTWAWKI

As every tumultuous day in 2012 America passes…

…the story that takes place in The Wayfarers end times fiction trilogy may appear more relevant.

The Wayfarers tale is staged in late 2009 and early 2010. But, for all intents and purposes – the story could unfold this year. The Wayfarers fictional world of 2009-2010 was perched upon a slippery and harrowing precipice. Today’s non-fictional world – and namely America – is standing and staggering like an obese, over-indulged drunkard. This metaphorical drunkard has lost it’s spiritual and moral compass through the rampant consumption of cultural firewater; while diabolically evil elites who possess immense wealth, incalculable lucidity and keen sobriety keep buying the rounds. In its stupor, the drunkard has left the storm doors open to allow in a host of supernatural vandals to ransack, pillage, and plunder.

U.S. Flag upside down is a signal of distress; as per THE FLAG CODE Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10 As amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress Approved July 7, 1976

U.S. in distress

In The Wayfarers trilogy you can read about America’s worst day – in a fictional setting of course – but it is a setting that could nonetheless become factional. End times events are like dominoes and once they start to fall there is nothing any human being can do to stem a frightful chain reaction. Those end times dominoes are falling in the factional 2012 but as of today, someone or something is slowing the speed of the tumble – but for how much longer?

God is real – and He walked this earth through His son Jesus – who is fully God and was for a time fully man. Satan the angel cast out of Heaven is also real, and he and his demonic hoard walked the earth as the Wayfarers walked in 2009 and 2010 and he prowls about in 2012 hungrier than ever – seeking whomever he may devour.

Hope is likewise real; and it is from God that hope springs eternal. There was a pitched spiritual battle that took place in the Wayfarers’ America and world of 2009 and 2010 – and it is without question being waged in 2012 with all manner of supernatural weaponry that would be the envy of Pentagon war planners…

Miracles can and do happen, and for God to perform they are merely a simple task. The Wayfarers journeyed through a hostile, supernatural war zone that spilled into the Natural as it is spilling in 2012 – but they journeyed on because they had to and wanted to; and maybe it took a few miracles to keep the survivors intact?

Those who journeyed as wayfarers saw things that as the author I too have seen and those injuries have left scars. Still – and more importantly – they saw things that I pray to see…and I am buoyed by the hope and knowledge that I will. Whether it’s America’s worst day or your worst day please remember…

…no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets – don’t ever, ever, ever, lose hope.

God bless you,
Jim Yackel

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