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Social media, God, Alt-left, and Alt-Right meet on American streets in Fortress: a Wayfarers Story in Kindle and paperback

What Will You Do If This Story Comes True?

First off, I must point out that there is occasional strong language in this book, as I always endeavor to depict realistic speech of characters.

As I was writing Fortress: a Wayfarers Story, I knew that so much of it was not fiction at all. Like most of my fiction, the story deals with the natural and supernatural struggles undertaken while navigating the contemporary storms of this fallen world. However, with Fortress, I feel as though not only me, but all of us have been inserted into the story as characters; many of us against our wishes. We have been dragged into the battle between God and Satan; much of it being fought in American streets with soldiers of alt-left and alt-right slugging it out. Wealthy commanders who peer down from their ivory towers issue the orders to the foot soldiers through television talking heads of the mainstream news and the mavens of social media. The multi-layered fog of deception belched from the exhaust ports of this misdirection machine obfuscates the truth, and creates the appearance that Satan is winning. If you tell that lie often enough, it will become the truth.

Fortress is today. It’s gritty. It illustrates what happens when God is asked to leave the building. It details who the world’s powers are, and previews the fulfillment of their machinations. While you may not be an indie journalist, author, or singer/songwriter, you are a character in this story.

What will you do if this story comes true? Get it in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

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The Wayfarers: Revised Edition end-times christian fiction 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Rastafarian Morgan Freeman

I’m aware that Mr. Freeman has an impressive resume’ – which includes playing God in the film Bruce Almighty and its sequel Evan Almighty

*A blog written by a character who appears in the novel The Wayfarers: Revised Edition. Read the book in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback, and you’ll discover who this fascinating albeit peculiar individual is.

My name for these purposes here is Xavier, but you can refer to me as the “X-Man” if you like. And yes, that’s what they say I look like; a Rastafarian Morgan Freeman. I’ve never met this esteemed man, but I’m aware that he’s quite famous in this world. Indeed, I bear strong resemblance to the beloved thespian – save for the fact that my head is bedecked in dreadlocks more akin to what a chap named Bob Marley wore. Now, I’m aware that Mr. Freeman has an impressive resume’ – which includes playing God in the film Bruce Almighty and its sequel Evan Almighty. I’m hip to the fact that he narrated a National Geographic documentary titled The Story of God. But, I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two, and I know that God’s glorious story has no end and is continually unfolding. As I just alluded to, I’ve seen a thing or two, and there is no movie or documentary that can sufficiently portray the absolute, soul-shaking splendor of God’s non-fictional tale!

I can tell you that there’s no place like home, but I’m here on assignment. This isn’t home, but there are people here in this place that I’ve been ordered to encounter. I have a task list where these people are concerned, and I don’t want to disappoint my boss. I love all people, and my desire is to help them in the ways that my boss has designated me to, because that is from where my love originates. You see, my boss is the greatest love. My boss is patient and kind, and never fails. My boss keeps no record of wrongs, always trusts, is the truest hope, and will always persevere.

I long to be home, and I’ll be there again, but for now my one desire is to faithfully please my boss.

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Let’s Go To The Movies

Winding wooden steps from The Wayfarers | Jacob's Trouble

Will you climb these steps?

I’ve been dreaming about this trilogy over the last couple of weeks. In the dreams, it is though I am watching the entirety of the three parts being played out in a movie; but I have the ability to interact with the characters. I see color and lights. I feel the warmth of a fireplace and the chill of a winter storm’s breeze. I hear music through songs that do not exist. There is a gamut of feeling and emotion; from abject anguish to indescribable joy!

There are people that have been created through me and I get to speak with them. There is blood juxtaposed with flowers. There are heavy backpacks being carried and the weight of the world is inside of them – and oh, what a strain! There is the demonic and the angelic and the supernatural battle that is waged in a realm we cannot see clearly through mortal eyes. And there is God..at work through the Christ and He is everywhere!

There is blood on my hands as I am the writer of the tale. I am guilty of death but likewise responsible for bringing life – if only in print and digital form. There are things in this movie…no, in these books – that scare the Dickens out of me; and these things will scare you too. Hang on to your orange hats, because the action is brisk and the twists and turns may keep you just a tad off-balance…

But this is a walk and a journey that you will take; whether you want to or not. You too are a wayfarer and you too play a role.

God bless you,

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