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The Wayfarers: Revised Edition Christian end-times fiction in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

I Am the Leader You Have Waited For

I bring peace and prosperity, and a new world vision…

*A blog written by a character who appears in the novel The Wayfarers: Revised Edition. Read the book in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback, and you’ll discover who this enterprising and beguiling man is.

The world is mine. What I say is so, because I am the leader you have waited for! I bring peace and prosperity, and a new world vision. We are one, people – I said we are one! Repeat after me: WE – ARE – ONE!

Christian bigotry will not be tolerated, and the Bible is outlawed. Beyond that, there will be no more religious intolerance because you all worship the same spirit of the same god. You might call him Allah, but that is not quite right. You might call him Buddha, but that isn’t accurate. But whatever you do, do not mention the name of Jesus in my presence, or you will meet the death kiss of my wrath! And true, we are one world, but I had better not hear of any FM stations playing that insipid former MTV staple We Are the World. That song is worse than the drivel that was played on K-LOVE before I had that “positive and encouraging” rubbish taken off the air!

I am suave, sophisticated, devilishly handsome and possessed of acute intelligence. I am an economic mastermind and a peacemaker extraordinaire. I have all the answers to the world’s problems because simply put, I am the answer! Ah, pardon my sarcasm, but do those statements smack of a lack of humility?

America is no longer a superpower, but instead a part of the North American Union; which is one of my 10 kingdoms. Yes, the world is now a better place because we are one, WE – ARE – ONE!

Now that those Jesus freaks were taken away by our friends from a distant planet – to whom we owe a debt of gratitude – we can be one government, one religion, one economy, and one world united in peace!

Repeat after me, WE – ARE – ONE!

This is far too easy. I have the world in the palm of my hand, and when I say jump you all should ask “how high?” And ah, yes, it seems like the citizens of the erstwhile U.S.A. are the most Pavlovian of all you dogs!

Bow before me, because I am the king of the world, and I am the solution to all the world’s problems.

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The Wayfarers: Revised Edition Christian fiction on Kindle and paperback.

Cabins, Cookies, Coffee, and Christmas Trees

We dreamed of cabins, cookies, coffee, and Christmas trees…

*A blog written by a character who appears in the novel The Wayfarers: Revised Edition. Read the book in Kindle or paperback, and you’ll discover who he his.

We longed for crackling fires below the hearth in which to kneel before to warm our hands. We could almost hear the sound of Ode to Joy being played on the violin by a beautiful young lady so dearly loved by one of us.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord. We didn’t know in fact what time of year He was born, but as always we celebrated it during December. But, this December will be emblazoned on our hearts and souls for eternity.

While we walked we prayed and dreamed. America had been critically wounded, and those in power who could have held up a shield of protection chose not to. No, they let it come to be the fulfillment of evil, lustful desires. But, it was no surprise as this would further accelerate the fulfillment of written Revelation. Yes, it came and many – too many – were forced to change.

We walked because we were led to. We walked with a man who wore an orange hat; a man who was led to lead. He was nobody special, but he was convicted, and you could say that he was directed. This man had already walked a long, long way before we joined him. What amazing stamina this man possessed!

I carried a battery-powered radio, and the reception and programming was unpredictable, because those who refused to stand in the gap and protect our freedom of speech instead took control of the airwaves. Still, we listened to what was allowed to be broadcast, and we heard Stille Nacht by Mannheim Steamroller. It touched the convicted man who led us in a manner like we’d not seen in our individual lives, and we were likewise affected. We had never known someone so profoundly affected by music. You could say that we were changed by it…

Yes, citizens, we were cold as our feet crunched through the snow down the westward path. It was a relief to be out of the tunnel and we learned never to veer from the path again. There were other paths that led into the brush, but they were traps that would leave us vulnerable to the creatures that followed a master who resembled all at once a man, a bat, and a Doberman Pinscher. It was protection from that beast that required the blood to be shed and then accepted by those who would believe the Word.

We were freezing and tired. It was a cold December night and man, like I said, we were bone tired. We dreamed of cabins, cookies, coffee, and Christmas trees. We only wanted to be home, safe and warm. Would our prayers be answered? Could our dreams came true?

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Top fiction book The Wayfarers available on Amazon

Ouija Board and Rosary Beads

“Oh, she didn’t like me playin’ with my Ouija Board and readin’ books by Aleister Crowley…”

The following is a blog by Josiah “the Eel”, a character from Jacob’s Trouble, which is part three of the new release fiction book The Wayfarers Revised Edition available on Kindle, with the paperback version coming soon. Read and find out more about Josiah.

The folks in this here town always thought I was strange; even before the poop hit the fan. Ha! I knew trouble was comin’ to the U.S. of A before any ‘a them did…uh huh! Yeah, the kids ’round here they always been afraid ‘a me and I ‘spose with good reason! But, I ain’t never hurt nobody too bad; ‘cept when I wrassled for West Genesee High School in the nineteen forties, er was it the eighteen forties – ah, hell, I cain’t remember! That’s why they called me the Eel, ‘cuz I was so slippery nobody could pin me!

Two things I like are fishin’ and my Ouija board. It was my Ouija board that spelled out AMERICA’S WORST DAY TOMORROW and sure enough some baaaaad stuff came about and people was bein’ fraidy cats an’ flippin’ out!

My Ouija board tells me when the Northern Pike will be bitin’, so I go down to the Erie Canal and catch all I kin stand! I just cast out my orange Lazy Ike plug and yell “fish on” and you know what there, dummy? I git one almost every time! You cain’t catch as many Pike as me ’cause you ain’t got enough faith in the power! It’s the power that those injuns conjured up hunnerds ‘a years ago. Some folks say it’s demonic and I say “wellll….it’s done awright by me!” I catch fish and I got rid ‘a my gout, too! Hell – I don’t even gotta eat and I don’t git hungry and I still stay alive!

My wife jus’ up n’ left me. Hell, I ferget her name! Oh, she didn’t like me playin’ with my Ouija Board and readin’ books by Aleister Crowley like “Moonchild” and “777”. She said I changed after I started playing with the board. She tried to sprinkle holy water on me and was always praying with them Rosary Beads. I wouldn’t have none a’ that! She called some priest ta’ come and give me an exorcism, but I done punched him out and sent ’em packin’ with a fat lip and bloody nose! I think it was my wife that drove me loony tunes, not the devil like she says! I mean, a hard-workin’ man only has to stand so much!

I’ll tell you what, jerky – I ain’t afraid a’ the devil; no sirree! And the wolves don’t scare me none. I like feedin’ them critters cause there ain’t no one else t’ do it. I feed ’em whatever or whoever I find! Iffin’ my pension check comes late again this week, Im ‘a feedin’ the mailman to the wolves! Ha ha ha! – is that a Federal offence?

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