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Be prepared and be ready for anything.

Meltdown to Extremism

On Monday 02/13/12, Moody’s downgraded the debt ratings of Italy, Spain and Portugal and placed negative outlooks on France, Britain and Austria. Slovenia, Slovakia and Malta are three nations that many Americans have probably never heard of and are hardly economic powers, but they too were victim’s of the Moody machete.

The Pound is Sinking from Macca's "Tug of War"

The Pound is Sinking from Macca's "Tug of War"

If you listen through the steady drip-drip-drip of the European meltdown, you might hear Paul McCartney’s musical lament “The Pound is Sinking” being sung as the retro musical theme to the end of Europe’s economy as we know it, and with the death of the Euro will come the demise of the Dollar.

There will be meltdown in the streets of Europe and America. Those who are not spiritually and mentally ready -let alone physically prepared like the new cultural phenomena known as “preppers” – will meltdown and taste the burn of self-destruction wrought through disbelief and skepticism. One morning soon we will awaken to know that the world changed; and that final blow to the crumbling co-dependent economies of the U.S. and Europe could likely be dealt by Middle Eastern war.

If you prepare for the worst, you could be branded a terrorist, as storing up food and supplies for long-term rainy days is considered “extremism” and “suspicious activity” by Big Brother.

The extremists are not those who prepare, but instead those who would melt down and pillage and plunder the prepared. It is those who would seek to rob the prepared that are the doers of suspicious activity. Big Brother is possessive, manipulating and controlling. He loves to keep in bondage those who depend on him; while those who do not need him are considered a threat to security.

Those who take the initiative to prepare a stock of food and supplies would more likely fall into the “law abiding” category than those who would steal from the prepper or rely on care from what is left of Big Brother after the collapse. Those who prepare have guns loaded for self-defense, while the desperadoes who will melt down when the economic bottom falls out will use weapons on offense.

Finally, and as I have written before, to be fully prepared for the oncoming storm one must be a battened-down storehouse filled with the Holy Spirit. Of course, Big Brother considers evangelical Christians who put their faith before their country more of a threat than Islam…

Be ready for anything!

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Be watching for the coming storm, the wind is intensifying.

Salt and Preppers

To coincide with its new reality show called Doomsday Preppers, the National Geographic Channel conducted an online survey of 1,007 adults in the USA. The results of this survey indicate that 61% of Americans believe the nation will experience a major catastrophic event within the next 20 years, but only 15% of those polled feel they are fully prepared for what will come.

Without preparation there will be failure

Without preparation there will be failure

The events will transpire, and it does not require one to be blessed with the prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit to see tumult and turmoil on the rise. As Israel is contemplating an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities while the former Persia is taunting America through threats of closing the Strait of Hormuz, as Syria is in a state of civil war, as the Muslim Brotherhood is harvesting the fruit of the Arab Spring in Egypt, as the Dollar and Euro are perched on the precipice of collapse – trouble is rising like a bad moon on a fiery horizon.

It is costly to prepare for a period of time when the basic necessities of life could be virtually impossible to acquire; when the very freedom to drive to the local supermarket may be lost – if that favorite grocer is even open for business. A stockpile of canned goods, bottled water, MRE, matches, Sterno, batteries, battery-powered radio, a rifle and ammunition, and warm clothes may be too much for many Americans to afford in January 2012. But, this aforementioned stockpile which should include a first aid kit and water treatment tablets must somehow, someway be accumulated – and quickly.

Too many in America cling to the “it can’t happen here” mentality. They consider “preppers” to be kooks, pack-rats, and hoarders – and will guzzle 30 packs of Keystone Light while watching shows like “Doomsday Preppers” for the pure entertainment value before passing out just to awaken hung-over, smoke a Marlboro, shower, grab a cup of coffee at the local mini-market, and head off to their union jobs that they plan to retire from in order to collect a promised pension that they can’t envision ever disappearing, because “they paid into it.”

The denial of what preppers prepare for is rooted in a learned disquietude. The abominable events will transpire, and those who are not ready will perish. They may starve to death or have their hearts fail them through fear. Some will be shot in the head while attempting to steal a prepper family’s food. It can happen here, and it will…

…Wake up!

The simplest and most effective form of preparation is to accept Jesus as your Lord, Savior and propitiation for the sins that we all commit. He is the fail-safe and the guarantee of eternal life, and through that faith you will be called up and spared the wrath of the Great Tribulation that will come after the storms that are forming on and moving in from today’s horizons. Through that faith you will pass into paradise should you die as America and the world becomes increasingly unsafe and inhospitable.

If you are a prepper who has not yet accepted His grace on faith, you are indeed leaving out that most important part of your preparation.

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So Goes the Dollar

All items are one dollar or less at the Dollar Tree store. While many of the products offered are off-brands, a shopper can select from much the same merchandise that is offered at a Walgreen, Rite-Aid, or chain grocer. Some of the hundreds of inventory items offered at the Dollar Tree include cleaning supplies, toys, candy, chips, juices, clothing, dishes, and more: “Everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion…and every single item is only $1.00 (or less)” to quote the company’s website.

Nike Foamposite sneakers worth rioting over?

Nike Foamposite sneakers worth rioting over?

This is not a promotional plug for Dollar Tree stores, but instead a commentary on the decrepit condition of the U.S. economy.

The Dollar Tree store in this writer’s upstate New York home town is going out of business. While I don’t have any hard data, an employee disclosed to my wife that the store was not generating enough dollars in sales to remain open. The woman was about to be unemployed at a time when jobs – even part-time retail store jobs – are exceedingly difficult to find in the deteriorating new America.

According to the 2010 census, 6.2% of the town’s population where the soon to be shut-down Dollar Tree store is located live below the poverty line. The store in question appears to do a brisk business as the town’s denizens are not wealthy but to a great deal the “working poor” who cannot afford to purchase the basics through other full-price retailers that are nearby. Proffering a mere observation; but in January of 2012, it would seem that the percentage of the population living below the poverty line in this upstate New York village would be greater than 6.2 percent.

As the local Dollar Tree is preparing to close its doors, Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD had to be evacuated as near-riot conditions broke out because there weren’t enough Nike Foamposite sneakers retailing for over $200.00 available at the Foot Locker store to satisfy the feverish customer demand. A similarly frenzied eruption occurred in December at a shopping center in proximity to the Valley Mall after Nike released a version of Retro Air Jordan shoes.

It is difficult to envision the shut-down of a Dollar Tree store, especially in an area where discount priced products are staples for many of the residents. I am not privy to the corporate reasoning for the closure, but the store is a perfect fit for this rustic village where wealth is not in abundance.

As the local Dollar Tree goes, so goes the U.S. Dollar.

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Silver Bullet

Republican Jon Huntsman has dropped out of the 2012 Presidential race, and is set to endorse Mitt Romney.

The New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and San Francisco Forty-Niners were victorious in NFL divisional playoff action on January 14 and 15, 2012; and will move on to the NFC and AFC Championship games to decide who will participate in Super Bowl 46.

Get on board the train!

Get on board the train!

A sixth body has been found after the Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground in a reef Friday off the Italian Island of Giglio and capsized.

The aforementioned news items are the hot topics as the week of January 15-16, 2012 gets underway. But, these trending topics beg the question: what is truly going on?

Certainly, the 2012 Presidential election which is still nearly 10 months away can’t be the most crucial and critical news that the television talking faces need to commit nearly constant reportage to. It is likely that the Republican nominee has already been selected, and there is the strong possibility that a false flag event will postpone the November election and keep Barry Soetoro in office.

NFL football is sensational, enjoyable, and an exhilarating distraction, but is it so important that it should override news concerning Iran, Israel, and the Middle East in toto? Not to be mitigated, the crash of the Costa Concordia is a heartbreaking event, but why is it being reported with the same tabloid-esque frenzy as that of the tawdry, terrible, Casey Anthony story?

Too soon, you will turn on your Toshiba 46″ television to view news on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC and something truly earth-shattering will be breaking – quite possibly a 9.0 earthquake along the New Madrid fault line? Or, it could be sudden, seemingly unexpected military action involving Iran, Israel, and the United States; if not one of several other likely combinations of Middle Eastern conflict that will send gasoline and home heating fuel prices skyrocketing. Likewise, it is a mere matter of time before the collapse of the Euro will be breaking news, bringing the Dollar down with it. Another “earth-shattering” not too distant future event could be that around the globe numerous people – seemingly millions – have suddenly turned up missing.

The disquieting, catastrophic, and in one case glorious events mentioned in the previous paragraph have yet to happen – despite considerable speculation – so therefore many of us believe they never will…

…Could it be that God the conductor is holding the silver bullet train at the station just a little bit longer so more of us can drive through the flooded, flotsam and jetsam-laden streets of our circa 2011-2012 lives; so as to make it to the ticket counter?

As for today, the train is waiting at the station and distracted passengers are loading nonchalantly; but for how much longer?

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