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YouTube, Obama, and Israel

First off, I’d like to alert you to my new YouTube channel called StormWatch777. Among other things, I will be posting video blogs (vlogs) similar to what is written here at Walk The Towpath; relating to the thin edge that we teeter on as we stand at the precipice of the end times. Please stop in and subscribe.

Netanyahu and Obama met at the White House

Israel must remain the 'master of its fate'

Two world leaders who do not enjoy a warm relationship – Benjamin Netanyahu and Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barrack Hussein Obama – met today, March 5th 2012 at the White House. Obama appealed to Netanyahu to give sanctions time to dissuade Iran from its nuclear ambitions, but the Israeli prime minister offered no sign of stepping away from possible military action, telling Obama “My supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate.”

Obama offered assurance to Netanyahu that the United States was keeping the military option open as a last resort and always “has Israel’s back,” but continued to urge the Israeli leader to exercise patience; wherein allowing sanctions and diplomacy to work.

Netanyahu knows that sanctions and diplomacy will not work where the ayatollahs and their desire to “wipe Israel off the map” is concerned. Likewise, the Israeli Prime Minister possess enough foresight to know that the window of time to effectively attack the nuclear installations is closing, as it is feared that Iran is fast approaching the point of no return in its desire to create nuclear weapons.

Either scenario is ugly; waiting for Iran to attempt to wipe Israel off the map, or Israel preemptively striking Iranian sites to at least set back if not eliminate the threat that exists not only to the nation that is the apple of God’s eye but to the entire world. Since it is likely that Iran’s nuclear enrichment is being carried out in subterranean chambers, the Pentagon’s newest bunker-buster weapon — called the Massive Ordnance Penetrator – would be of benefit to Israel if the United States was to join with its ally in the assault. Still, even with this type of weaponry, many sorties would required to effectively render a fortified underground nuclear installation unusable.

God will be with you Mr. Netanyahu, should you be forced to go it alone. But, would President Obama be able to live with himself if he were to merely stand on the sidelines?…

…Or more specifically, will the puppet masters that pull Obama’s strings keep him from getting involved?

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The Lone Superpower

Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) – Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid Thursday for the Republican presidential nomination, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

via FIRST ON CNN: Sources: Perry dropping out of GOP race – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Herman Cain is gone. Michele Bachmann has likewise dropped out. Jon Huntsman has left the proverbial building. Now, Texas Governor Rick Perry is bidding adieu to the 2012 Presidential race, following the lead of the aforementioned Cain, Bachmann, and Huntsman and exiting the Green Room where the GOP candidates each wait for their own shot to take the stage and face the Kenyan King under the heat of the television cameras in seemingly life or death debate.

Ron Paul is still standing, supported and buoyed by a ravenous cult of followers who are seeking “hope” and “change” in a different but equally radical way. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been allowed to persevere thus far and continue to show signs of life despite being bruised and bloodied by the mainstream media and members of their own party. But after all is said and done, it will likely be Mitt Romney who steps into the ring against the “one” – the anointed false messiah and proud Alinsky-ite Barack Obama.

Romney would appear to be the establishment’s choice. In that role, Romney looks and sounds presidential; a classic, rugged veneer to gloss over the stuffing that will fill the suit. Romney would meet everyone in the middle and all would be pacified and satisfied. But, what we will likely see come November 2012 is not Romney versus Obama but The Establishment versus The Powers That Be – not to be confused with the NBC television series that aired in 1992 and ’93.

This writer plans to vote in the 2012 election, but it is all a charade and a masquerade. I have watched American citizens turn away from the political process, and the patriot in me could not accept it and accused them of being unpatriotic and apathetic. As time goes on, I see that perhaps it’s more than a decline of a superpower’s citizenry; it is a sense of futility that invades the mind and spirit and draws many into their own selfish pursuits because the nation and the world has broken their hearts and quashed the aforementioned spirit. Within themselves they believe they can manipulate and control their immediate surroundings and find a modicum of joy, because outside of their personal spaces there is nothing but pain, heartbreak, deflated American dreams and broken promises of a better world.

This world is on a collision course for radical change; and like an approaching blizzard it is snowing steadily now as the gale-force winds are increasing as they blow in from the Supernatural. It is a storm system that has been forming for centuries but it doesn’t take a meteorologist to see the immediate and colossal uptick in intensity.

Sure, it sounds like a crackpot conspiracy theory, but The Powers That Be are they who control the banks, stock markets, IMF and Federal Reserve. Wittingly or not, by destroying economies for their own selfish gain they are paving the way today for the rise of the Son of Perdition who will run the One World System.

Presidents wield much power, but aren’t they merely kings in a nebulous chess game being maneuvered by unseen hands? We must remember to look beyond the game board and its players and toward the true hope…

… Because there is but one Superpower, and His name is Jesus.

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Beautiful Christmas Lights

Hanging On To Better Days

There is snow falling on upstate New York and in the upper-Midwest on this January morning in 2012; and it would have been wonderful to have had this snow for Christmas of 2011. Mild temperatures prevailed during the third week of December, and Christmas in this part of America was brown and green with mere streaks of white, hither and yon.

Beautiful, colorful Christmas lights

Beautiful, colorful Christmas lights

Even as the second week of January 2012 winds down, there are still some decorated Christmas trees and strings of lights adorning the windows of homes and likewise dotting the landscape of upstate New York; and this phenomenon may be presenting itself in your area as well. Certainly, those who put up the trees and strung the lights that still remain may be busy with innumerable life tasks. Or, perhaps in some cases laziness may be rearing its semi-comatose head. There could be fatigue, sickness, or other maladies that are keeping individuals and/or families from dismantling the Christmas regalia and packing it away until the season returns later this year…

…Or, it could be that in some or all of these cases, people just don’t want to let go.

For so many, there are pleasant and heartwarming memories associated with the Christmas season. There are the giggles, shrieks, or even shy smiles of children who have now grown and gone away. In many cases, divorce has taken away daily increments of time with children who lived with parents and forced it instead into weekly visits and two minute telephone conversations.

The economy was better a mere five years ago, and while we knew that life in this falling world would always be lived on shaky ground, there was the hope that if one worked hard that he or she could live the American Dream; perhaps running their own business or if that wasn’t their cup of tea – moving up the corporate ladder in the company that employed them because prospects for growth shined as brightly as the rising sun on the eastern skyline. Indeed, there was the freedom to dream, pursue, and create – while still being aware that danger lurked in the shadows and that an Islamic enemy controlled by Satan himself could alter the very landscape that we plowed and seeded. We were wary because in 2001 we had been attacked, and after that terrible September day we were warned to be cautious, but circa 2000 through 2007 we were undaunted. There was still that American Dream to pursue and Merry Christmases to enjoy.

As the first decade of the Twenty-First Century approached its conclusion and the second term of President George W. Bush finished with staggering disappointment, the air seemed to shift. Barack Obama never brought hope or positive change; but too many were willingly-deceived into believing that he would. As a watcher at the wall I saw trouble coming and as I continue to observe I say to myself, “no wonder so many are hanging on to Christmas.”

Christmas represents hope and joy, and it is a celebration of the birth of the One who is eternal hope and joy everlasting. No wonder the lights and the trees remain! The decorations have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus – nor should they ever become the true representation of Christmas – but they are color and glistening light and they are a foretaste of Heaven. While I have yet to see Heaven, in my spirit I do know that it is a place of uncompromising beauty and color. It is a place of glistening light created by, of, and for the Christ who died for us and rose again; desiring us to accept His gift of grace on faith, so we will one day know that color and light and experience that eternal peace and joy that transcends all understanding.

As we face increasing deterioration and rabid uncertainty in 2012, some delay the tearing down of the Christmas gewgaws and regalia – as they did in 2011, 2010, and 2009. Some are merely hanging on, and I pray that if they don’t know the Bright Morning Star that they will not delay in coming to Him. I understand and empathize with the longing and the sadness. But we must remember that in Jesus there will be gladness…

…But for now some are leaving up those trees and lights a bit longer. And as the snow falls today, I can almost smell the cinnamon and hear Silent Night and Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow playing somewhere – if not merely in my memory.

There are better days coming; you can trust me on that. We are all merely hanging on, but the path is laid out before us and like wayfarers we must walk – we have no choice.

But we never, no not ever, have to walk alone.

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The Religiosity of Politics

2012- it’s the year that some believe will mark the end of the world while others plan to be around to vote in a Presidential election.

Oprah Winfrey with Barack and Michelle Obama

Oprah Winfrey with Barack and Michelle Obama

Presidential candidates are viewed as demigods by far too many Americans. It could be said that the members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are viewed in a similar light. “When the Republicans sweep in, we’ll shut down Obama and get this country back on track” was the collective corporate mantra mouthed by the multitudes and the radio talkers heading into the Midterm elections of 2010. After the dust was swept up, the Republicans had gained a slight edge and as of this writing in January 2012, the U.S. is even further off track.

The media frenzy began early, and as the nation is being dragged toward the 2012 Presidential election, the mantras are much the same as in 2010; to stack and paraphrase: “when we get a Republican back in the White House, we’ll get this country turned around and people will get back to work and the economy will be good again and we’ll be respected by the world and our best days are yet to come!” And so it goes on, ad infintum, ad nauseum, blah blah blah.

Politicians – whether they are presidents, senators, or village mayors – are human beings. They are not deities that will hear our laments and then through programs and policies restore peace, prosperity and the virtual utopia that the human animal craves and believes that he or she deserves. And yet, it seems that many Americans have turned politics and politicians into a religion. We have 24/7 news coverage where strategists, campaign directors, and all manner of flamboyant talking faces spin facts, figures, truths and lies into a veritable comedic drama cum pristinely-polished freak show.

In the 2008 Presidential election, the liberal left raised up and anointed a messiah, and they did not call him Jesus – they called him Obama. Oprah Winfrey referred to him as “The One” and a disconnected, pacified, soft, self-absorbed, and politically-corrected populace agreed that this “One” would bring “Hope and Change” and save us from uh…um…yeah, whatever those people on T.V. said.

It has been said by some that America got what it deserved, but this writer is not here to judge; as I am not He who has the power to judge. Still, I must point out that we have turned politicians and the political process into a false religion. We vote for fraudulent saviors that we hope will create social and economic conditions to allow us to continue to indulge ourselves, our greed, our lust, and our fantasies. In truth, that hackneyed cliche’ still rings true: freedom isn’t free. In everything there is a cost, and perhaps we ourselves are no longer willing to pay it.

There is one savior and He is Jesus; not Obama, Romney, Pelosi, Reid, or insert your favorite political flavor here. There is not one elected – or should I say selected – career public official who is going to provide more than temporal hope, change, prosperity, or most importantly of all – security; except for themselves.

America, as is the entire world, is radically changing and will continue to do so. If I were permitted to offer advice as the hour grows late, it would be to go humbly and pursue the real “One” – the one who did what no politician would do for you, and that’s die for you.

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Occupy All Streets

Seemingly, that is the goal of the iconic movement known as Occupy Wall Street; to change all of the world – in essence to occupy all streets and not just Wall St. They are “peaceful” and “non-violent” they claim, to maximize the safety of all participants. The 2011 Arab Spring is being used as the model by this movement to achieve its goal of bringing down “the man” and spreading equality throughout the land…

The 99 percent of what?

The 99 percent of what?

…But could it be possible that “the man” is actually the backing; the de facto executive producer of this travelling Occupy Wall Street show? Could it be logically claimed that the men and women who operate the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the big banks worldwide are actually that mysterious, heavy-handed and greedy “man” who would benefit the most from movements like Occupy being successful?

Yes, the group that postures as the crusaders for and defenders of the 99 percent has been relatively quiet for a number of weeks, but Occupy Wall Street surged back into Zucotti Park and through Soho and the East village in New York City on New Year’s Eve of 2011. There were no major incidents and on New Year’s Day the flagging U.S. economy was in no worse condition than the day before.

Indeed, the globalist elites who desire control through a New World Order need America to fall in order for their machinations to become more than mere conspiracy theories. Coming quickly is a one world economic system and it is today being craftily constructed before our faces, though most lack the discernment to recognize it.

While for some of the participants the 1960’s were the halcyon days of their youth, Occupy Wall Street protesters desire more than to relive that decade or experience it for the first time. Much of what drives the movement is the lust for a neo-communal socialist utopia that will never be. Contrary to what they may believe, these protesters are in fact doing the bidding of the 1/8 of 1 percent who are bringing Wall Street and the American economy down systematically with cold, cruel efficiency. As for now the Occupy movement puts a face that is acceptable and admirable to popular culture on those captains of finance and industry who operate in the shadows of Europe, the Middle East, and the United States and truly do the work that is destroying the Dollar, the Euro, and the Capitalist system as we know it.

Some food for thought: Does Occupy Wall Street know what it is that they are protesting, or are they merely naive’, idealistic, recycled hippies and second and third generation flower children? Does the Obama administration have more than just a passing interest in this group and hopes for its success?

Will this movement become suitably empowered to occupy your street?

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