New America

January 8, 2012 in General

We must keep our heads up and our eyes open – not just in America but around the free world…

There is so much to distract us on the first full weekend of 2012; there is New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential primary and the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. Sports history was made on Saturday the 7th as the Houston Texans were victorious in their first ever playoff appearance, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 31-10. The Texans will advance and play next Sunday at Baltimore, in a rematch of a regular-season game won by the Ravens. Go Texans!

Texans celebrate playoff victory

Texans celebrate playoff victory

Football will entertain us, and nearly non-stop coverage and commentary of the New Hampshire Primary will distract and pacify us. Still, news of a more critical nature has received some reportage, as Iran has begun Uranium enrichment at a new underground site. Additionally, the erstwhile Persia launched a military maneuver near its border with Afghanistan on Saturday, 1/7/2012. Concurrent with this activity, Tehran continues to threaten to shut down the Strait of Hormuz if new First World sanctions harm the nation’s oil exports.

A New America is being nailed together from the smoldering plywood of the burning house of the old America. In the old America, freedom and prosperity were givens and unfortunately taken for granted by too many of the nation’s denizens. In the old America, there were cushy union jobs and pensions upon retirement. The old America operated Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm, and if you were the “new guy” who had to work on the weekend there would be time and a half or double-time pay. In summary, the old America was a free and prosperous place where you just had to save up a couple of paychecks and you’d have enough for you own apartment. Now, in the New America many are forced to live in mom and dad’s house – the parents being blessed to hang on to the vestiges of the old America – afforded through those Monday through Friday 40 hour a week jobs with weekends and holidays off.

As the drums of war beat with an increasing clamor in the Middle East, what is left of the smoldering old American plywood will be in danger of getting spilled upon by $4.00, $5.00, or $6.00 a gallon gasoline. More will be forced to choose between beer and groceries, with gasoline being rationed for those trips to local market. If there is an election this November, the citizens of New America will be forced to chose between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with the outcome likely manipulated in advance.

The beer commercials aired during NFL games portray a prosperous life that affords expensive cars, skinny super-model women for every heterosexual male, endless recreation, a license for stupidity and irresponsibility, and an obsession with the outcomes of sporting events that are seemingly life or death. These images are the music video to the swan song of the old America…

…There is a New America and it is here, lurking in our peripheral vision. We could turn our heads to see and study it; whereby becoming prepared for this new day – but from inactivity the muscles have atrophied in our necks and shoulders and will not allow our heads to turn without considerable pain.

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The Religiosity of Politics

January 5, 2012 in General

2012- it’s the year that some believe will mark the end of the world while others plan to be around to vote in a Presidential election.

Oprah Winfrey with Barack and Michelle Obama

Oprah Winfrey with Barack and Michelle Obama

Presidential candidates are viewed as demigods by far too many Americans. It could be said that the members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are viewed in a similar light. “When the Republicans sweep in, we’ll shut down Obama and get this country back on track” was the collective corporate mantra mouthed by the multitudes and the radio talkers heading into the Midterm elections of 2010. After the dust was swept up, the Republicans had gained a slight edge and as of this writing in January 2012, the U.S. is even further off track.

The media frenzy began early, and as the nation is being dragged toward the 2012 Presidential election, the mantras are much the same as in 2010; to stack and paraphrase: “when we get a Republican back in the White House, we’ll get this country turned around and people will get back to work and the economy will be good again and we’ll be respected by the world and our best days are yet to come!” And so it goes on, ad infintum, ad nauseum, blah blah blah.

Politicians – whether they are presidents, senators, or village mayors – are human beings. They are not deities that will hear our laments and then through programs and policies restore peace, prosperity and the virtual utopia that the human animal craves and believes that he or she deserves. And yet, it seems that many Americans have turned politics and politicians into a religion. We have 24/7 news coverage where strategists, campaign directors, and all manner of flamboyant talking faces spin facts, figures, truths and lies into a veritable comedic drama cum pristinely-polished freak show.

In the 2008 Presidential election, the liberal left raised up and anointed a messiah, and they did not call him Jesus – they called him Obama. Oprah Winfrey referred to him as “The One” and a disconnected, pacified, soft, self-absorbed, and politically-corrected populace agreed that this “One” would bring “Hope and Change” and save us from uh…um…yeah, whatever those people on T.V. said.

It has been said by some that America got what it deserved, but this writer is not here to judge; as I am not He who has the power to judge. Still, I must point out that we have turned politicians and the political process into a false religion. We vote for fraudulent saviors that we hope will create social and economic conditions to allow us to continue to indulge ourselves, our greed, our lust, and our fantasies. In truth, that hackneyed cliche’ still rings true: freedom isn’t free. In everything there is a cost, and perhaps we ourselves are no longer willing to pay it.

There is one savior and He is Jesus; not Obama, Romney, Pelosi, Reid, or insert your favorite political flavor here. There is not one elected – or should I say selected – career public official who is going to provide more than temporal hope, change, prosperity, or most importantly of all – security; except for themselves.

America, as is the entire world, is radically changing and will continue to do so. If I were permitted to offer advice as the hour grows late, it would be to go humbly and pursue the real “One” – the one who did what no politician would do for you, and that’s die for you.

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Hawkish Caucus

January 4, 2012 in General

DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa may not pick presidents. It may not even pick Republican presidential nominees. But Iowa most certainly resets the nomination contest, something its voters did again on Tuesday with the state’s closest caucus vote in history…

via Iowa’s razor-thin result indicates a fierce battle for conservatives is ahead | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

As of January 4, 2012, this writer is undecided as to whom he would like to see elected President of these United States in November of the aforementioned year. Certainly, I do not support Barack Obama and would not support Hillary Clinton if Democrats were able to persuade the current occupant of the White House to step aside. Still, while I don’t yet have a place to throw my support, I find Rick Santorum’s strong showing – losing by a razor-thin 8 votes to the vaunted Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd to be impressive if not encouraging.

Will Michele Bachmann now bow out of the race? By the time you read this, news may have broken that would answer this question as her trip to South Carolina has been cancelled, as per Fox News at 8:30 am Eastern Time this morning.

As I have written before, the too early and too often reportage of the 2012 Presidential Election is serving only as a distraction, in my view. As the Muslim Brotherhood is planning to assume power in Egypt and refusing to acknowledge the existence of Israel and as Iran continues to threaten to shut down the Strait of Hormuz – it seems as though these critical news items are relegated to the back burner. As Israel is surrounded by her enemies and today in early 01/12 the threat of major war looms – war that will affect the American way of life – I have to wonder why the cable and network news giants don’t offer more coverage?

While the Presidential election of 2012 is indeed worthy of heavy coverage, I would encourage everyone to look beyond the caucuses, straw polls, and punditry. Let us not get distracted and pacified – let us not lose track of how what happens in the Middle East will directly influences what happens in your day to day existence. We’ve thus far survived an economy circling the drain – perhaps more accurately being deliberately drained – and a president who seems hell-bent on reducing our freedoms while placing us into the arms of greater peril. Indeed, we are at a seminal point not just in American history but in world history. The metaphorical match has been lit and the material tinder is dry.

Be watchful and be vigilant. Pray for discernment and that you will demonstrate loving kindness and a love of your neighbor through any hardship. Be ready for anything, be anxious for nothing and yes, pray about everything.

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Occupy All Streets

January 1, 2012 in General

Seemingly, that is the goal of the iconic movement known as Occupy Wall Street; to change all of the world – in essence to occupy all streets and not just Wall St. They are “peaceful” and “non-violent” they claim, to maximize the safety of all participants. The 2011 Arab Spring is being used as the model by this movement to achieve its goal of bringing down “the man” and spreading equality throughout the land…

The 99 percent of what?

The 99 percent of what?

…But could it be possible that “the man” is actually the backing; the de facto executive producer of this travelling Occupy Wall Street show? Could it be logically claimed that the men and women who operate the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the big banks worldwide are actually that mysterious, heavy-handed and greedy “man” who would benefit the most from movements like Occupy being successful?

Yes, the group that postures as the crusaders for and defenders of the 99 percent has been relatively quiet for a number of weeks, but Occupy Wall Street surged back into Zucotti Park and through Soho and the East village in New York City on New Year’s Eve of 2011. There were no major incidents and on New Year’s Day the flagging U.S. economy was in no worse condition than the day before.

Indeed, the globalist elites who desire control through a New World Order need America to fall in order for their machinations to become more than mere conspiracy theories. Coming quickly is a one world economic system and it is today being craftily constructed before our faces, though most lack the discernment to recognize it.

While for some of the participants the 1960’s were the halcyon days of their youth, Occupy Wall Street protesters desire more than to relive that decade or experience it for the first time. Much of what drives the movement is the lust for a neo-communal socialist utopia that will never be. Contrary to what they may believe, these protesters are in fact doing the bidding of the 1/8 of 1 percent who are bringing Wall Street and the American economy down systematically with cold, cruel efficiency. As for now the Occupy movement puts a face that is acceptable and admirable to popular culture on those captains of finance and industry who operate in the shadows of Europe, the Middle East, and the United States and truly do the work that is destroying the Dollar, the Euro, and the Capitalist system as we know it.

Some food for thought: Does Occupy Wall Street know what it is that they are protesting, or are they merely naive’, idealistic, recycled hippies and second and third generation flower children? Does the Obama administration have more than just a passing interest in this group and hopes for its success?

Will this movement become suitably empowered to occupy your street?

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The Man Behind the Curtain

December 30, 2011 in General

I’ve stated before that I am not a prognosticator, and I will maintain that claim. But, this writer will make the seemingly safe prediction that the year 2012 will be more tumultuous than 2011 on all fronts…

Obama good, no Romney good!

Obama good, no Romney good! Paul!

There is so much information available through the internet and mass-media that the ability to discern the truth from deception will be exceedingly difficult in 2012; even for watchers at the wall like me. I have with steadfastness believed that the television news media is controlled and events that could directly impact the quality of our lives – especially those events taking place in the Middle East – do not get sufficient reportage. The 2012 Presidential Campaign has been in full-swing for months and all other news seemingly gets the short shrift.

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) may curtail greatly the information that we receive online; if the government uses it to shutdown sites that may be “unfriendly” to the Marxist administration currently at the helm of Good Ship America. As a writer and a recording artist, I stand against internet piracy as it would make my products illegally free and deny me the opportunity to be paid for my creative work. But at the same time, I don’t trust the amount of freedom that SOPA would give to Big Brother and the fact that Hollywood is so supportive of it sends up a miniature red flag of paranoia in my mind. Much of the Internet Industry, including social media giants Facebook and Twitter as well AOL, LinkedIn, Ebay, and Mozilla are set against SOPA. Indeed, it is something to be carefully watched in 2012.

So while we are being distracted by Obama vs. Romney, Romney vs. Gingrich, Paul vs. Santorum, Obama will beat any Republican, any Republican will beat Obama ad infintum and ad nauseum, events will be transpiring in the Middle East that will threaten our way of life and likewise through the government that will diminish our freedom. But, the casual news observer will be made suitably uninformed by being lulled into a stupor by nearly non-stop Election 2012 coverage or by SOPA pseudo-censorship…

…That is unless an event so colossal takes place in the world that all self-respecting albeit controlled media outlets will be forced to push aside the perpetual coverage of the buildup to the election; if the election itself isn’t postponed!

The “control” is at the very least within the bias; with FOX being for the most part conservatively so while CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and others bowing to the liberal agenda followed by their viewers, listeners, and button-pushers alike. At the very worst, the control is brought upon the news media by the wealthy elites that drive corporate America and operate the world banking system. It is these elites that believe they will hold complete power in a full-out economic and social collapse; implementing a one world system that is financial, governmental, judicial, militaristic, religious, and commercial.

The government is not here to help and “The Man” is a select group of men and women. In 2012, we may see much more evidence of these things as those who operate behind the scenes will be more bold about stepping out into view. But pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

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