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Logo of North Madison Militia from 'Dead-Ringer' - the suspense fiction book by author Jim Yackel

Dear Seekers of the Truth

Dear seekers of the truth in 2013,

My name is Galen Moss, co-founder of the North Madison Militia. I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I did something that most would consider to be heroic – except those high-up in the U.S. Government. What I did was a defiance of direct orders, whereby altering their perceived timeline. What I did was reported as breaking news a few years later and the credit was given to others. But no, I’m not bitter anymore because I’m free…

If you’re still reading this then at the very least you’re curious and optimally you are a seeker of the truth.

North Madison Militia from the novel 'Dead-Ringer' by Jim Yackel. Image (c) 2013

North Madison Militia logo

Don’t trust the government. Indeed, it sounds like a hackneyed cliche’ and it is; but most importantly it is T-R-U-T-H truth! But what I have learned is that the ultimate truth is simple, pure, and it saves.

Friends, you need to shift out of the Left-Right paradigm because it is fog that will impair your ability to see the truth on the road ahead. Politicians on both sides are self-serving dogs that ultimately answer to the Pavlovian society known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati does Satan’s bidding and manipulates world events because they believe that a one world economy will ultimately bring those who are its members even greater wealth. As you read this, they are constructing a singular religion, government, and yes, a singular financial system that eliminates the U.S. Dollar. Unless you have your head up your ass – and most in your current culture and society do – you’ve heard of the New World Order and the One World Government. They are one in the same and at the time of this writing America is on burrowed time. You, dear friends, truly don’t have much time left! You see, America is the lone superpower and for the “one world corporation” to be fully implemented, the aforementioned “lone superpower” needs to be collapsed out its position of superiority.

The powers that be will continue through DARPA to modify the weather with the use of H.A.A.R.P. They will allow terrorists to strike. They will collapse the Dollar and create massive civil unrest and rioting. Indeed, the powers that be will come for your guns and implement Martial Law.

Then, there will be no superpowers in the one world system – except for the supernaturally-empowered man who will run it. The current powers will soon find that they have been duped and truly have no power at all!

As I alluded to in the first paragraph, I had a secret that what remains of the visible U.S. Government wanted me to keep quiet. But, there are multitudes of secrets and those who tell them usually wind up dead. Could Michael Hastings be an example? Will Edward Snowden be next, or is he a carefully-crafted distraction manipulated by the powers that hide in the shadows?

I guess that I should be flattered that I’ve been made a fictional character in a novel titled Dead-Ringer by author Jim Yackel. You know, he ought to be careful too!

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Every Tom, Dick and Harry

Everyone and his or her brother has released books or records these days; or so it appears. Certainly, this writer’s body of work includes three books and two musical releases being available; with two 1990’s musical releases now out of print. While my musical endeavors began long before the internet made every creative person’s dream come true in an “instant now” fashion, my path as a novelist and sometimes columnist has taken me one way – and that way is through the vast yet cluttered expanses of Cyberspace; where the wreckage of musical and literary space junk batters and dents the space craft named Desperate Desires of Fame and Freedom.

Are you in here too?

Are you in here too?

It is not too far fetched to make the claim that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to find success and fame as a writer or recording artist. We could include every McKenna, Meredith, Jillian and whatever other female first names are currently popular. It is the internet – those aforementioned vast yet charted expanses of Cyberspace’s interwebs – that have made this all possible.

Indeed, Amazon and Lulu are two dotcoms that allow anyone to release books without groveling to Big Publishing’s kings and queens in leather-backed thrones – where re-writes and edits can take a writer’s vision and forcibly change it into how the literary royalty prefer to see things. In essence, the internet has re-created and then hyper-expanded the concept that the Beatles envisioned with Apple records, films, and publishing in 1968 and 1969. Indeed, it was the idea that ANYONE could be a recording artist, filmmaker, or novelist that fueled the feelgood business plan that eventually led John Lennon to claim: “if we let Apple go on the way it is we’ll be broke in months.”

Is the internet creating a semi-similar outcome to Apple Corp. as we head into 2012? Are there so many authors, filmmakers, and recording artists over-saturating the marketplace and fighting for attention that it isn’t business anymore but merely a cyber-scape of dreamers blessed with varying levels of talent trying to “make it big?” Doesn’t anyone desire to work a “real job” anymore? Could it be that those quote-unquote real jobs are just plain too difficult to get? A few questions that are food for thought…

Allow me to serve another course of comestibles to cogitate and masticate: What if the internet was suddenly taken down; if not completely then in large sections of the U.S. and the world? What would all of us do who rely on the interwebs to pitch our wares to a marketplace that already has far too many choices, and not all of them good? Certainly, that marketplace would cease to exist, would it not?

In The Wayfarers trilogy, one might get an idea of what might happen if “instant now” was instantly gone. Have you read it yet?

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