Storm and Maelstrom

Where are you headed?

Where are you headed?

Again last night I dreamed of these wayfarers; is it bizarre or not? These are fictional characters living out fiction that may be a prelude to faction – but why does this writer dream of them? Why do I dream of backpacks and then this morning find a black backpack that I didn’t know existed in a coat closet I have opened so very many times?

Indeed, this writer attempts to avoid “I” trouble so he refers to himself as “this writer.” But, why does this writer dream of these wayfarers? Certainly, they are creations of his mind, or are they? These wayfarers are people invented to act out a whirlwind fictional tale – they are actors following a script created through his writer’s mind and spirit – but is it more spirit than mind? You are permitted to consider this writer to be crazy, but he (I) can’t help but think that these characters are trying to tell him something…something real that is coming like a “maelstorm” – yes you read that correctly, a word invented here combining maelstrom and storm and featuring the most strenuous elements of both.

There may be something more to this story that than mere entertaining, terrorizing, laugh-inspiring, tear-inducing, heart-wrenching, and grin-widening fiction. There is a journey here and I find myself (okay, enough of the pompous “this writer” stuff) dreaming not only of the journeyers but that journey. I am seeing startling parallels between the real world in December 2011 and that of the same fictional month in 2009. Indeed, I am seeing the fictional spring of 2010 as perhaps the spring of 2012; but what truly do I know?

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and settle in with Walking Dreams, as it will be the carrot to lead you to Five Feet From The Cabin Door. And if you think “Five Feet” is the end, my friend you are mistaken as Jacob’s Trouble will kick your doors in and drag you back outside for the remainder of the journey.

What will sleep bring tonight? Will I dream of wayfarers and wake up unsettled? In sleep, will I speak to people that are mere figments of my imagination brought to life through a fiction trilogy? Could they and the scenarios they live through be water-colored by reality?

Could one of these wayfarers be you?

Thank you for reading and God bless you,

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