Top fiction book The Wayfarers available on Amazon

Ouija Board and Rosary Beads

My Ouija board spelled out AMERICA’S WORST DAY TOMORROW and sure enough some bad stuff came about and people was bein’ fraidy cats an’ flippin’ out! Read More

The Wayfarers Journey Through Tumultuos Days

A revised edition of my novel The Wayfarers will be available on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. Considering all that is taking place in the world during this American election year of 2016, this three-part fictional tale could be a most timely read. Read More

Remembering Will by author Jim Yackel

Remembering Will – Cover Reveal and Synopsis

A trauma has rocked Will’s world, and as a result his memory of events has been severely affected. Headaches, dreams, visions, and hallucinations occur. Read More

Logo of North Madison Militia from 'Dead-Ringer' - the suspense fiction book by author Jim Yackel

Dear Seekers of the Truth

Don’t trust the government. Indeed, it sounds like a hackneyed cliche’ and it is; but most importantly it is T-R-U-T-H. The simple truth saves. Read More

Still image featuring handwritten claim for dignity form the official video for the song "Talking To An Angel" by Jim Yackel

Talking To An Angel (Music Video)

You’ve got to treat her with kindness, you’ve got to treat her with respect, you’ve got to treat her with dignity – because you never know
When you might be talking to an angel. Read More

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