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The Wayfarers (Acoustic Version) Free Download

That’s right – take a free download! The Wayfarers (acoustic version) is melodic, haunting, guitar-driven Pop/Rock with tight two-part vocal harmony.” This is the theme song to Jim’s ‘The Wayfarers’ fiction book Trilogy. Recorded as the duo Jim Yackel & Co. with Jim Yackel on lead vocals and guitar and Mike Case on harmony vocals,

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Is Time Growing Short?

Dead-Ringer: Compelling New Book by Jim Yackel Provides Fierce Factual Reminder That Our World's Time Is Growing Short (via SBWire)

Set in modern America as it faces the end of its days, ‘Dead-Ringer’ interweaves the Gospel of Jesus Christ to serve as a bold insight into what may lie ahead. With such pertinence to the real world, the book is resonating with readers from coast to coast. Chittenango, NY — (SBWIRE) — 04/16/2013…

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Cover for upcoming Jim Yackel book release "Dead-Ringer." Cover design by LL Pix Photography @ www.llpix.com © 2013
'America's Worst Day Tomorrow' - a message received through an Ouija Board by a character from Jacob's Trouble, part 3 of the Wayfarers fiction trilogy by Jim Yackel. The character makes this claim through a blog titled 'Ouija Board and Rosary Beads' posted on walkthetowpath dot com.
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