Fun-Sized Bites

Have we become a culture with the attention span of a one month old puppy presented with infinite flickering choices while suffering from media overload and spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder? This is a culture that seems to believe that it can select and choose its savior as a downloadable App. Read More

Fear of Dying

Living in this world is tantamount to navigating “The Night of the Living Dead”, so it may be best to pursue real life – life that brings peace that transcends all understanding. It is a life that eliminates the fear of an end because it is forever more. Read More

Every Tom, Dick and Harry

In essence, the internet has re-created and then hyper-expanded the concept that the Beatles envisioned with Apple records, films, and publishing in 1968 and 1969. Indeed, it was the idea that ANYONE could be a recording artist or novelist. Read More

False Flag

Just this mere threat of a threat made by Iranian Parliament National Security Committee Parviz Sarvari sent oil prices up about $3.00 to $100.00 a barrel based on the speculation of a disruption during the military drills. Read More

When The Fan Turns Brown

Indeed, Americans take for granted such staples as their Androids, iPhones, Escalades, CSI, Monday Night Football, internet, pornography, cocaine, and paid days off – despite an economy on the verge of collapse. Read More

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