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Out of Kilter Christmas? | Walk The Towpath

Out of Kilter Christmas?

There’s something truly out of kilter about the 2011 Christmas season. Admittedly, the past several have been lacking in comfort and joy – and this I have opined about in various written works. But, in my view, this year the populace seems to be less about exhibiting the spirit than ever before.

Mayan Calender

Mayan Calender

There’s no arguing the fact that millions in America – let alone the rest of the world – are struggling. The fact that “Black Friday” 2011 smashed all manner of retail sales records only served to point to a desperate consumer base needing a “deal” and not to one that is/was doing well and merely taking part in the madness for sport; or to be part of the scene.

For this writer, it could be the mild temperatures and lack of snow thus far this December in upstate New York that is casting an air of caliginousness over what should be a joyful time. Yes, it could be the weather but I believe it is so much more than that…

…In the struggle, instability, insecurity, and turbulence of December 2011 we may be forgetting the hope that is the reason for the season. Personally, I don’t think that Christmas is ever again going to be what it used to be – but in that we need to hang onto the truth and the hope that is Jesus all that much more. We may likely see a day – perhaps by Christmas 2012 – when the mere ability to purchase or otherwise acquire food will be better than any gewgaw hung on the yuletide tree or marvelous toy wrapped and placed below it.

I am no prophet – nor have I ever played one on television – but I do feel that a year from now the landscape in America and the world is going to be significantly different. That is why the reason for the season should be the reason for our hope and the rock that we rest upon as the earth quakes metaphorically below our feet. As this writer believes in a Rapture, seven year Great Tribulation, and one thousand year Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on earth before a new Heaven and Earth come into existence, I put no stock in the Mayan Calender finishing on December 21, 2012 or the countdown that has begun to that end. Having said that, I do believe that events in the coming year will be potentially earth-shattering and mind-blowing. Indeed, life as we know it may change.

God bless you all this Christmas season. Be watchful wayfarers, as this Christmas does seem a bit out of kilter.

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