No Re-traceable Steps

The Wayfarers Walking Dreams and The Wayfarers Five Feet From The Cabin Door by Jim YackelTime that has passed is gone; and there is no retrieval of it. Regrets can be manifested as tears as we look down at the path below us through misted vision, only wishing to go back and put a few things right.

God gives some of us the gift of time – but He also gives us the gift of free will – which allows us the choice of how we use that time. The weakness of our human state allows for confusion in our perception of time; sometimes convincing us that the gift is in a much larger and more resplendently wrapped box than it truly is. Instead of large gifts, God often gives us small gifts with expansive possibilities – and only if we pray and ask Him how to best use the gift will we gain maximum use of it. And where the aforementioned weakness is concerned – Jesus died and rose again to cover over that weakness which is our inherent sinfulness; whereby making us righteous.

There is no retracing of steps as we journey like wayfarers along the towpath. Indeed, there are no do-overs nor can we set-back our watches with the hope that the action will have the effect of a time machine. We cannot turn around and relive the past; but only better this time. Once time is gone it is history that cannot be repeated. So, measure the step that you are taking this very second. Are you putting your best foot forward? Are you doing the best you can do avoid future regrets? Are you taking a moment to ask “Lord, help me to make the most of this small gift with expansive possibilities – and may it bring glory to You.”

As we pace off the steps that cannot be retraced, our children will for a time – far too short of a time – be travelling with us. Our children are a colossal gift from God; wrapped most resplendently – but they will require us to open their boxes carefully while we walk, and take the time to care and provide for the living and growing gift of creation in them that God gave us. Each child has been fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and must receive the loving care due them. That loving care requires time that cannot be relived or rewound like a VHS tape once the scenes have passed and the movie is finished. There is no retracing of steps. There is no repeating of history because each step carries us further down the path and with each second our children grow into an uncertain adulthood. In order to arrive at that destination in a safe, safe condition they need our time and devotion to guide them during the time they are gifted to us.

Let your children see the love of God through you; because He loves us so much that He sent His only begotten son to die for our sins; when each of us should instead have been nailed to that cross. Now that is love!

Please do not regret lost time because you will never have it back. Spend time with your children talking and walking. Hold them, love them, mentor them – but prepare them to stand on their own two feet. Let them know how much God loves them – because He loves children most of all – and we are all His children!

We cannot go backward, so let’s not regret lost time. Lord, as You are a loving father, help me to make the most of my time being a loving dad.

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