Mermaid Body Found Alive!

Mermaid body found alive in upstate New York waterway this morning…

I turned on the faucet to begin drawing a bath. After determining that the water temperature was suitable, I popped the rubber plug into the drain to allow the tub to fill.

Mermaid body found: Could this blond mermaid be a goddess from Atlantis?


From my bedroom across the hall and over the sound of the running water, I could hear Mental Dentist by Richard Orange and the Eggmen playing distorted as the ringtone through my phone’s tiny speaker. I bolted to the bedroom and grabbed the cell without looking to see what number was calling. It was then that I came to the quick realization that the call was a scam; a company offering to help me sell greater numbers of books and ebooks.

After pushing the END button and abruptly terminating the call, the phone was dropped on the bed. As I re-entered the hall and walked toward the bathroom the unmistakable sound of splashing water sent an icicle of panic through my body as I feared that the tub was overflowing. Still, I was confused as the water had not been running long enough to fill up the tub; let alone over-fill it.

As I hustled into the bathroom, there was indeed a large puddle of water on the black and white checkerboard floor tile as well as the white bathmat having been saturated. Before I could utter a phrase of frustrated malcontent, I was startled by a woman’s giggle…

Just a couple of night’s ago, I had watched on Animal Planet a faux documentary about a mermaid’s body being found. Animal Planet generally airs non-fictional programming, so that may have been what made the crock-umentary so believable to some.

No, I was never fooled by Mermaids: The Body Found, but what was laying in my bathtub with a glistening, scale-covered emerald-colored lower body, human female upper torso, angelic face, and golden hair floating on the warm water was no faux, bro!

From the waist up, She could have been the young Barbara Eden who starred in the 1960’s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. Speaking perfect English she said with a captivating smile: “hello, I have come to share wisdom and truth from the lost city of Atlantis that may bring Utopian perfection to your sick and dying terrestrial world…”

Wow! I couldn’t believe it – and you shouldn’t either! What was written above is pure fiction!

So much of this world is too eager to believe to fantasy and lies, but has little place in its collective heart for the truth. Grays, Greens, and all manner of E.T. life is an easy sell to a public that is searching for something bigger than themselves. Likewise, mermaids are the stuff of Animal Planet and Disney fantasy, and yet we are so quick to believe that these mystical beings are goddesses deserving of our adoration and worship. Indeed, we are over-ripe and seemingly begging for deception.

There is but one who is deserving of our adoration and our worship. There is but one who is no fantasy, but is as real as the heart that beats inside your chest. There is but one who makes all things new. Yes, there is but one deity who was real enough to bleed profusely while mortally wounded, but by those very wounds it is you and I who are healed.

Love is real…so real it is worthy enough to give one’s life that it may live on eternally in a Utopia that would make the mystical City of Atlantis look like a slum.

Fantasy He is not, and yet by many fantasy is falsely and perilously placed in a position above Him. But, He is risen above all and the giver of life to all who would merely accept His graceful sacrifice as the ultimate truth. He is no fantasy but as the king of all Kings and Lord of all Lords there is no fantasy that can compete against His beauty, His power, His glory, and His Love…

He is the reality whose radiant, glorious color and light makes the grandest of fantasies appear as coal in a treasure chest of life that is bottomless to infinity…

Who is the “He” I speak of? He is Jesus!

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