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Let's Go To The Movies | Walk The Towpath

Let’s Go To The Movies

Winding wooden steps from The Wayfarers | Jacob's Trouble

Will you climb these steps?

I’ve been dreaming about this trilogy over the last couple of weeks. In the dreams, it is though I am watching the entirety of the three parts being played out in a movie; but I have the ability to interact with the characters. I see color and lights. I feel the warmth of a fireplace and the chill of a winter storm’s breeze. I hear music through songs that do not exist. There is a gamut of feeling and emotion; from abject anguish to indescribable joy!

There are people that have been created through me and I get to speak with them. There is blood juxtaposed with flowers. There are heavy backpacks being carried and the weight of the world is inside of them – and oh, what a strain! There is the demonic and the angelic and the supernatural battle that is waged in a realm we cannot see clearly through mortal eyes. And there is God..at work through the Christ and He is everywhere!

There is blood on my hands as I am the writer of the tale. I am guilty of death but likewise responsible for bringing life – if only in print and digital form. There are things in this movie…no, in these books – that scare the Dickens out of me; and these things will scare you too. Hang on to your orange hats, because the action is brisk and the twists and turns may keep you just a tad off-balance…

But this is a walk and a journey that you will take; whether you want to or not. You too are a wayfarer and you too play a role.

God bless you,

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