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Is the Weather Being Manipulated? | Walk The Towpath

Is the Weather Being Manipulated?

The weather forecast calls for a Storm Warning

Weathering the weather: Crack open another beer and turn on American Idol or The Voice. Put complete trust in your government and know that Barack Obama will get the economy turned around before Election Day 2012…

…People who are crazy enough to believe anything other than what the Mainstream Media tells them are crackpots, right? There’s lots of jobs out there, and people like this writer – who obviously has too much spare time on his hands – had better get busy and find one and stop believing in all that SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, Matthew 24, and Book of Revelation stuff!

Weather Map, Midwest May 3-4 2012

Severe storms hitting the Midwest U.S during May 3-4 2012.

The Sheeple are pacified and no one dare question Big Brother and Big Sis…

Certainly, you’ve heard of NEXRAD radar. Are you familiar with Sawtooth Sweeps, Scalar Squares, geometric modulation and wave-shaping and circle sweeps?

Have you considered the possibility that this strange and dangerous U.S. weather in 2012 can at least be partially man-made and manipulated? And before the environmentalists chime in with a vigorous shout of “yes”, I am not referring to Al Gore’s Global Warming.

Michael Janitch, who is the YouTube sensation known as Dutchsince, makes a compelling case and provides strong evidence that their could possibly be some merit to the belief that our weather is being manipulated. In the previous sentence I provided a bold link to his YouTube page of weather forecasts, earthquake coverage and more, but one video that was posted today, 05-04-12, should truly be an eye-opener for you:

From Michael’s video page you will find a link to his blog. Understanding the terminology involved such as the aforementioned “Sawtooth Sweeps” etcetera can be difficult for the layperson, but by reading you can gain knowledge. More importantly, by viewing the videos you will see what could be empirical evidence that something nefarious involving our weather is taking place.

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