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Imagine There's No Internet | Walk The Towpath

Imagine There’s No Internet

Imagine there’s no internet – it’s easy if you try, no Wikipedia, no Spotify…Imagine no free downloads, no streaming free T.V.; You-hoo-hoo-hoo…

Too much online freedom?

Too much online freedom?

John Lennon could not have envisioned the internet in 1971 when his hit single Imagine and the album of the same name shot into the Top 10 of the Billboard music charts. If the World Wide Web existed for public usage then, it is likely that the erstwhile Beatle would have stood against SOPA…or would he?

As an obscure former recording artist who still offers musical product for sale, I do not desire my MP3’s to be downloaded and disseminated without first being payed for; unless I decide to make them available for free. In that, I do not support bit torrent sites such as Pirate Bay. Artists need financial remuneration for their work or ultimately the quality of their work will suffer; as they spend more time hustling java and spotlights at Dunkin’ Donuts than making music – because too large of a percentage of their music is being taken for free and not purchased; whereby generating income. Successful recording artists are likewise suffering from the veritable Socialism that the internet has created; seeing their music sales suffer because the interwebs make so much product illegally available at no charge.

The world economy is steadily collapsing, and it could be said that the internet is a contributing factor. No matter what the world wants it is available online; whether it be iPads, music, pizza, sex…you the reader can add your own contributions to what could be an infinite list. There is such an overabundance of all product available online that the value of all products is diminishing. No matter what your heart desires, it can be found online from a multitude of sources; creating a hyper-competitive marketplace where ultimately goods become free; to wit – music. We all want something for nothing – but too much something for nothing will lead to there being “nothing” as the creators of the “somethings” will have not generated enough income to remain in business.

Have we devolved into a society that believes it is owed things like music, movies, and pornography for free? Again, you can add your own products and vices to what could be a list without limits.

As you read this blog, you may get the idea that I support the Stop Online Piracy Act. While I am against online piracy and illegal downloading of music or other creative materials, I do not support SOPA.

This writer does not trust the U.S. Government or Corporate America; and I believe that they are bedfellows. SOPA will give the aforementioned partners far too much power to shut down websites that offer content that is disagreeable to their whims and machinations. As I have written, I am against the pirating of music and movies, and yet I have a healthy distrust of the giants who offer these products to the public; as they too are corporate pistons that are driving the engine of the burgeoning One World System.

The World Wide Web has been an enabler of entrepreneurship and a fuel rod for freedom, but our lazy, sinful, unrestrained human condition has taken over. We want everything and we want it now; and we do our best to not have to pay for it. We have been unrestrained children rampaging through a cyber-Kindergarten classroom and we may learn that our thus-far passive teacher may wield a painful ruler across our keyboarding knuckles.

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