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We've been doped or duped?

We've been doped or duped?

From where this writer sits in early December, it seems as though the world is intoxicated and staggeringly teetering on a precipice. If any of us was to exhale with a generous portion of vigor, this already-fallen world would topple over the edge of the metaphorical cliff into oblivion; while the average American would be left saying “uh…what the heck happened?”

We are being kept in the dark; it’s that plain and simple. The cable news networks are in full-fledged campaign mode for the Presidential election of 2012: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC doing all they can to re-elect Barack Obama while FOX can’t publicly decide if they prefer Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. Herman Cain is being publicly destroyed because the powers that be cannot – for whatever reason – have a conservative black man in the White House. You can call me a conspiracy theory nut job if you like, but the “powers that be” do manipulate the political and financial events of this fallen, teetering world while a public that is oversexed, drunk, drugged, and worshiping Justin Bieber watches and says “yeah, whatever.”

The presidential campaign coverage that began way too early – as it did for the 2008 fiasco – is designed to keep the public blinded with its noggin inserted into its corporate keister. Unfortunately, the public is only too willing to allow this case of Cranial-Rectumitis to remain terminal.

It is likely that Israel will very soon be involved in a major war that will negatively impact the already rapidly-decreasing quality of American life. Fuel prices are exorbitant now and they will become higher as the free-flow of Middle Eastern oil becomes more impeded. This is not Israel’s fault as the tiny nation that is the apple of God’s eye needs to defend herself; even if it is preemptively. And as Israel prepares for a showdown with Iran, Syria, and their proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, the American and European economies continue to swoon and stagger as America now endeavors to bail out the dying Euro.

But hey, let’s just argue over who the next President is going to be! After all, that president will certainly be able to pull America back from the brink; right?

We will see Biblical prophecy fulfilled, and while these events will take place in the Middle East, they will impact Americans and Europeans mightily. Indeed, we will see that the media is not God but only a pacifying form of legally-deceptive electronic dope. Only those whose eyes are open and whose heads are clear will see the full scope of the manipulation of the economy and political structure of this nation.

This writer can’t help but think that the 2012 election is already decided…but in the end, will it truly matter? Will anyone ever truly know?

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