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Doomsday Preppers – Are We Fully Prepared? | Walk The Towpath

Doomsday Preppers – Are We Fully Prepared?

In line with the Boy Scout motto of “be prepared” – preparing for SHTF calamity is what “doomsday preppers” have been wisely doing.

A pantry prepared for hard times

We must be prepared physically for doomsday scenarios, but we must most importantly be prepared eternally with Jesus.

Having a bug-out bag prepared with a minimum five day supply of freeze-dried food, water micro-filter, fire-starters, and other essentials as listed here is of paramountcy. Likewise, having a store of these same items in your home is smart planning. While too many Americans cannot afford it, if you possess the means to have an underground bunker constructed, then you are standing in even better stead.

We in America have been slipping down the steep river bank of economic collapse, but by the grace of God we have yet to become fully submerged in those roiling, raging waters. Still, as Iran threatens Israel and Syria is inflamed, as Greece slips into a limited default while the Euro flags, as Americans suffer the hunger of high unemployment, rising fuel prices, and an overall economy that looks destined for depression – we are seemingly one major world event or national natural disaster away from meltdown.

With the aforementioned “meltdown” will come dangerous civil unrest, and not only in large urban areas. The implementation of Martial Law would be likely, restricting our free movement “for our own safety” of course! Even if there are chemical, biological, or structural hazards on the streets, desperate and enraged groups and individuals will still be out there wreaking havoc; forcing the more law-abiding to remain inside for safety – hence the need to be stocked-up, hunkered-down, and fortified.

We should all be preppers, but in that we cannot forget the most crucial piece of preparation. No matter how much in the way of food, water, supplies, and weapons we have stocked in our storehouses – we need to have the saving grace of Jesus stored in our souls and hearts.

No matter how much advance physical preparation for calamity we undertake, our bug-out bags, pantries, and bunkers may as well be empty because without Jesus we are dead. He is our eternal fortification and the strength to persevere through whatever this fallen world brings to bear upon us.

Without accepting the gift of Christ’s salvation we will know an unimaginable doomsday; but with Him we are truly prepared for anything and everything – and we will be spared terrible wrath.

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