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Coffee, Beer, Cigarettes, and Snowflakes | Walk The Towpath
I see God’s beauty in the sunrise and sunset. I see His majesty in the hills and trees. I see the life He made in waters that flow; whether they are shallow temporary rivulets of melting snow or deep rivers teaming with fish.

Coffee, Beer, Cigarettes, and Snowflakes

Smokers forced to take their habit outside form bonds of friendship.  Consumers of alcohol in a bar for bonds.

Smokers forced outside form bonds.

It is unlikely that any two snowflakes have ever been exact duplicates of each other. Likewise, it appears that God has never formed any two of us exactly alike in our respective mother’s wombs. Certainly, identical twins can be just that in physical appearance, but are they identical in personality, goals, and thoughts?

I see God’s beauty in the sunrise and sunset. I see His majesty in the hills and trees. I see the life He made in waters that flow; whether they are shallow temporary rivulets of melting snow or deep rivers teaming with fish. And, we His children have been fearfully and wonderfully made. God’s work is beautiful and this writer knows that full well. I see the uniqueness of each of us; wired for sight and sound but each wired differently at His hand. Each one of us is like a snowflake…

Our similarities and proclivities draw us together and bind us in groups. We are most comfortable when in the company of those who are like us. Smokers who are forced to take their habit outside have that common bond that can form alliances that can create friendships. Likewise, consumers of alcohol have that common bond that draws them together at the local pub and those friendships can become deep and enduring. I don’t drink or smoke, so I’m not able to enjoy the bonding and social interaction that comes from partaking of those activities. Coffee is this writer’s vice of choice.

Despite our similarities, we are each wired differently and it is that uniqueness that makes us who we are. Indeed, we are snowflakes and no two of us are alike. God’s greatest gift to us was His son who died on a cross for our sins so we may live spotless and blameless in eternity. But, one of the earthly gifts He blessed us with is our unique wiring. On the surface, our schematics may be the same, but look more closely at the finer details. Two of us may speak and behave identically, but each of us brings our own unique behaviors, quirks, inclinations, desires, and gifts to this earthly life’s table. As I walk further down this towpath of earthly life, I am seeing ever so clearly what makes the individuals that I encounter unique — as I know who it is that made them that way. I know the master designer…

But — contrary to our uniqueness we are so much the same, aren’t we? Am I just talking in circles?

Like snowflakes, we are all fragile and vulnerable. We may front with alligator skin exteriors, but that skin is so easily penetrated isn’t it? We may be knights in shining armor but that armor is too easily pierced, being rendered feckless against whatever lance it was intended to protect us from. Yes, we are soldiers thrust into battle. Yes indeed, we are each uniquely wired and continually uploading, downloading, and file sharing. But, much against our best efforts we are like snowflakes and we will melt.

We all need and crave love and to say that you don’t is to live a colossal lie. We are all the same in this regard. When our armor is lanced it is the heart that is penetrated and those wounds can run as deep as the river of life, because love doesn’t fade away like a melting snowflake. But, those wounds can be healed with new love and the heart grows stronger as the mind becomes wiser. Shall we praise God for our human resiliency? Yes, we all need to give and receive love — it is so much of what we are and it binds us tightly together!

Romance is pretty paper and bows, but love is the gift inside. Friendship can begin over something as temporal as coffee, beer, or a smoke break — but can grow into true friendship which is based on love. Love will get you through the tough times and enable you to rejoice when you’ve reached the end of the desert sand. Love is right there in your family and friends, as they are your safe harbor. Love is in your husband or wife, as they are the arms that will hold you and comfort you. If your spouse is also your friend, you my friend are truly blessed! We all — each and every one — need this comfort and security.

Please be a great friend in all of your imperfection. Please be a trustworthy and faithful spouse even when you’re not “feeling it” — and in that you will manifest love. Your life and your love is a gift and like a snowflake you will melt, like a rivulet you will cease flowing, and like a speck of dust you will blow away as your days are numbered — so leave a legacy of love.

God is love. He is where love was created and He is the wellspring from which it all flows. He loves you so much that He fearfully and wonderfully made you with the idea that you would spend eternity with Him and He sent His son to be the Christ to seal it. It’s a matter of faith and simple truth — and it is in your heart ready to be opened like a gift on Christmas day. It’s a matter of simple and perfect love — the perfect love that drives out all fear. Don’t be afraid of this love — it’s yours, now take it.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us. – 1 John 4:18-19

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