War Games: Hundreds of Americans Dead?

While of course not a certainty, it is a safe assumption that Israel will be forced to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2012. It is very likely that the United States will be drawn into the conflict and it will be no game but instead the in-our-face reality of war…

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It’s Going To Be Alright

We must all stock our storehouses, batten-down our hatches, and fortify the grounds in preparation for the coming hard times; harder than even the Great Depression and potentially more violent than any previous occurrence on the amber waves of grain…

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Et tu, Brute? Beware the Ides of March if you are Julius Caesar

The Ides of March

Tension levels are high this March and Americans are feeling an increasing strain and overburdening. Life for too many is becoming an unaffordable proposition, and yet this life must be lived out until its end date; a date that we are not given the authority to decide…

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Americans Unprepared For Disaster

Based on a survey of 1,007 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over, 51% of Americans believe a financial collapse is imminent, and 85% say that the U.S. is overwhelmingly under-prepared.

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Doomsday Preppers – Are We Fully Prepared?

Even if there are chemical, biological, or structural hazards on the streets, desperate and enraged groups and individuals will still be out there wreaking havoc; forcing the more law-abiding to remain inside for safety – hence the need to be stocked-up, hunkered-down, and fortified.

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