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Light at the End of the Tunnel

None deserve the tunnel…but the floor of the tunnel is becoming a path heavily traveled below the “prescribed path”, and as more are forced to walk down here the detritus and wreckage become more prevalent and a greater hazard. Read More

All Bets Are Off

TEOTWAWKI is the acronym for “The End of the World As We Know It.” ABAO – “All Bets Are Off” is a situation synonymous with TEOTWAWKI. Like bubbling lava, peril flows in early 2012 and the status quo is no longer static. Read More

Ketchup Soup

While “preppers” smartly stock up and batten down, it may ultimately be those living the life of opulence and social mobility today that will within months be asking a hungry child how her mother makes Ketchup Soup… Read More

A Call To Arms

“Hopefully The View will be on and Joy Behar can tell us what happened because this is really scary” Jane says, and John replies “Nah, I wanna watch something on Spike T.V.” Read More

Damascus a Ruinous Heap?

Considering the level of tension in 2012 between Israel, Iran, and Syria, Damascus could be taken out by Israel in self-defense, in response to the use of WMD by Hamas or Hezbollah, or due to war with Iran and/or Syria. Read More

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