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Before Life Was a Downloadable App | Walk The Towpath

Before Life Was a Downloadable App

I remember a time when the word “app” wasn’t yet a word…

…but instead an abbreviation for the word “application.” In those halcyon days of yesteryear, one had to go to a geographic location before it appeared on Google Earth to fill out said app or application with an ink transfer device; otherwise known as a pen. Do you remember ink pens? And, strangely enough, that app or application was not digital but instead printed on paper. Oftentimes, the paper that the app was printed on wasn’t 100 percent recycled!

In 1969, pop duo Zager & Evans scored a hit with a song called "In The Year 2525" In the year 2012, so much of what they sang of has seemingly come to pass...

Zager & Evans sing “In The Year 2525.”

I’m not referencing a time before the automobile, the internet, or even before the laptop computer! This time was not lived by an ancient civilization similar to the Mayans and their infamous calender that ends on December 21, 2012. Indeed, this time I write of was a mere 8 to 10 years ago!

If you are reading this blog, you likely recall that time in world history circa 2002-2005. The twenty-first century was new and despite the scars of the traumatic events of September 11, 2001 – Americans seemed to enjoy a palpable optimism, even if it may have in retrospect been unfounded. Most Americans did not watch at the wall and see what was coming over the proverbial hill. Too many Americans have become culturally, morally, and spiritually sedentary – allowing prosperity and technology to weed it’s own amber waves of grain. Instead, Americans could have been dutiful farmers – weeding and watering and applying due diligence, bearing in mind that freedom is God-given but not free.

Many would say that life in 2012 America and the world is easier than any time in history. Sheeple can store their entire life in a digital box only 4.5″ high and 0.37″ deep. Contained therein is a telephone, social media, music, video, and nearly anything one can dream of. When we are fenced-in together in a herd, we don’t even have to talk to each other. We just stare dazed at our life-box and scroll through icons and tap the keypad while having ear buds placed into our ears, so as to hear only what or who we desire. Anything that we think, do, or communicate can be facilitated through the life-box.

In 1969, pop duo Zager & Evans scored a hit with a song called In The Year 2525. In the year 2012, so much of what they sang of has seemingly come to pass…

…Technology needs the lifeblood of a stable economy to survive; even when that economy is being maintained by Advanced Life Support. As we watch the slow but persistent collapse of the U.S. and European economies today, we should experience A-Fib in our hearts and a queasiness in our souls over the obsession with placing the bulk of our existences into the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry flavored life-boxes.

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