Month: February 2012

Madonna, Not War

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being begged to hold off on any attacks on Iran until after May 29. This particular beseeching is not coming from Barack Obama, but from an Israeli group called “Bibi don’t start a war with Iran until after Madonna’s show on May 29″… Read More

It’s Getting Syria-ous

We have been jaded and desensitized by poor prognostication, false prophets, and the sensationalized forecasts of gloom and doom…but know that now in January 2012 it truly is getting serious. Read More

Be watching for the coming storm, the wind is intensifying.

Salt and Preppers

A stockpile of canned goods, bottled water, MRE, matches, Sterno, batteries, battery-powered radio, a rifle and ammunition, and warm clothes may be too much for many Americans to afford in January 2012… Read More

So Goes the Dollar

As the local Dollar Tree is preparing to close its doors, Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD had to be evacuated as near-riot conditions broke out because there weren’t enough Nike Foam sneakers that retail for over $200.00 available at the Foot Locker store to satisfy the feverish customer demand… Read More

Cancerous Tumor

It appears that the Iranian government believes that it is duty-bound to eliminate all threats to Islam, with Israel and America being those primary threats. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet too many will be shocked and found spiritually, mentally, and physically unprepared… Read More

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