2012: Are You Ready?

December 27, 2011 in General by Jim

The world will not end in 2012. I repeat, the world is not going to end in 2012…

…At the very least, this world has another seven years before it is ended and remade. This all is contingent on the Rapture – and not that which Harold Camping falsely prophesied – and the seven year Great Tribulation that will begin at some point after Harpazo.

Will News Years Eve 2011 see the last ball drop?

Will News Years Eve 2011 see the last ball drop?

The world will be right here below the feet of its denizens in 2012; however it will likely be an increasingly rugged if not downright inhospitable place to reside. When the inebriated party people watch the Times Square ball drop while they ring in 2012 this New Year’s Eve, they will certainly be kissing, hugging, staggering, and vomiting as per usual. But, it seems likely that the year 2012 will only bring reason for the hearty partiers to drink to ease their pain and not to celebrate.

The world economy will likely continue to struggle, and it seems that we are one natural or man-made disaster or terror attack away from a meltdown in the U.S. An attack on Iranian nuclear facilities by Israel with the aid of the United States seems like a near inevitability, and while the arguments for these attacks are convincing the repercussions could be devastating; including serious restrictions on if not a total shut-down of the movement of Middle Eastern oil and terror attacks carried out in retribution by Hamas and Hezbollah in both Israel and the U.S.

I am not here as a prognosticator, prophet, or profiteer on calamity. And certainly, the economic and war-related scenarios I’ve written of here are not news to you…at least I hope that they are not! But, 2012 will likely be a year when heroism will be counted-on like no other time before and it will be demanded that we American men comport ourselves as grown-ups and be men. Daddies will need to be fathers – even if it means fewer hours in front of the gaming console.

2012 may see the end of the Recreation Age as well as the Church Age. Indeed, the year that so many believe will be the last year of this world may in fact be the beginning of a deep and cavernous austerity in America and Europe.

The path is narrow, but it is the only way. As 2011 staggers into 2012 while spilling Crunk Juice on its Xtreme Couture hoodie, it may be wise to sober-up through the partaking of the Living Water. Indeed, it could be that 2012 brings the best news of all…

…So drink up!

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